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Obama Wins Democratic Party Nomination!!!

June 4, 2008

Though Hillary Clinton still hasn’t accepted the inevitable, Barack Obama locked up the Democratic Party nomination last night.

The best way to “heal” the party is to simply stop talking about Hillary Clinton. She is wholly irrelevant at this point. So warm up the bus and stop giving me minute by minute updates as to whether she has conceded. She doesn’t need to concede. She’s already lost. Her concession is no longer necessary.

Can you guess what the Republican anti-Barack strategy will be? I can:

1. He’s a Muslim

2. He’s got a crazy anti American Christian Pastor

3. He fathered a black child or gasp, maybe even two

4. He’s too “elite” because he went to Ivy League Schools

5. He’s gay

6. He’s dated and or banged out white women

7. His wife hates America

8. He’s not black enough

9. He’s too black

– Lake

Man Up Monday: Superdelegates

June 2, 2008

It’s time.

By Tuesday, when Montana and South Dakota get the job done, the people will have spoken.  It is time for our elected and former leaders to jump off the fence and lead.  Even Puerto Rico already has their vote in, and they don’t even get to vote in November.

By all accounts, Barack Obama will be within about 30 votes of the new finish line by Tuesday night.  That means that about 20 percent of the remaining superdelegates have to go Obama’s way to clinch the win.  Of course, if you listen to Hillary, that isn’t the way you are supposed to win.

HIllary is winning if you fully count Michigan and Florida, don’t give Obama any of the uncommitted votes from Michigan, don’t count the caucuses (including the all important Iowa caucus), add the people who voted for American Idol, light some votive candles, and rewind the calendar back to January when she actually had a lead for a few days.  So take that!

So here is your time superdelegates.  Man up!  Hell, I won’t even hold you to Monday, you can have until Thursday to get it done.  Thanks.


Obama draws a crowd

May 20, 2008

Hey Hillary. I haven’t heard much from you in the last week since John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama. That must have sucked for you. Well this isn’t going to help. Barack Obama almost had more people show up to a rally in Oregon than the margin of votes you won by in your “big win” in West Virginia.

Those are real people. They look pretty white from here and I’m sure they would consider themselves “hard working”. Hill, can you do me a favor and drop out after tomorrow? I know, I know you’re still waiting to shoot the punt in the basket for the win at the end of the third period. Right, you can still win this.



Raafman from the comments hit me with the wide angle.

Damn that’s a lot of people.

Edwards Endorses Obama

May 15, 2008

Long about a full month after it even mattered, John Edwards “bravely” came out and endorsed Barack Obama yesterday.

Of course, for Obama this means next to nothing. After all, he won North Carolina without Edwards’ endorsement and at this point it looks like nothing more than a cat literally jumping on the band wagon. But what does it mean for that ugly thang formerly known as Hillary Clinton’s White House hopes? I mean, Hilly C. is talking a good game, but I don’t care how much lipstick you put on that sucker, it’s still rolling around in a deeper and deeper world of shit with each passing day.

And that showdown that used to look like this?

Now is looking more like this:

Errrrrr this:

Lol… Dude, what could Hillary and company be thinking right now? They have to know that they can’t win. Like, there’s no way. What use is this? Is she just trying to angle for the VP slot? I don’t get it. One thing is for sure, ole girl has a high threshold for humiliation.

That we know. You go girl! Ahnt.

– Lake

Man Up Monday: Hillary Clinton

May 12, 2008

HIllary.  Stop, please just stop.  Fine, you’re tough.  You are going hard.  I know, there isn’t a nominee yet, so the game isn’t over.  The problem is, you are just making yourself look crazy, desperate, and the people around you are starting to look like complete fools.  First, you were just going to steal the Super Delegates by cashing in all of Bill’s chips.  Then you want to count Michigan and Florida, one state where you were the only person on the ballot, and another state where people were told votes don’t count before the election.  First you were down with delegates, then the super delegates, then big states, then some imaginary delegate count that your people made up.  The funny thing is, whenever you make up a new standard, Barack ends up beating it. This weekend I heard you try to say how important West Virginia is in the election.  “No president has been elected since 1920 without winning West Virginia.”  Sure, that could mean that it is an important state, orrrrrrrrr, it could mean that WV goes which ever way the wind blows and doesn’t mater at all.

So HIllary, remember the last person who couldn’t drop out of the race?

Right.  Remember how stupid he looked?

The worst part is, now HIllary is just saying stupid shit.

On Friday, she said her base was “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans”.  What?  Hillary, let me tell you how the English language works.  When you speak in phrases like that, it means you are redefining the previous phrase.  So that means that “hard-working Americans” and “white Americans” are synonymous.  Which is to the exclusion of everyone else.  Which is also code for “You know Barack is Black, right”?  Even old school Clinton devotee Charlie Rangel had to say, “That is one of the dumbest things she could have said”.

HIllary, you are always talking about how tough you are.  You’ve wanted to show that you can play as hard as the guys.  You want to show you can fight and scrap with anyone from Chris Dodd to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Well it is time for you to Man Up!

That means to step down while you’ve still got some dignity.  It is like a UFC match, Barack has you in a tight arm lock.  You don’t need to get your arm broken to prove you are tough.  There is dignity in saying you’ve been beaten by the better competitor.

Man Up…and please do it soon.


Presidential Candidates on RAW

April 30, 2008

Al three presidential candidates appeared on WWE Raw last week to deliver Wrassler style promos on the WWE fans.

Damn, no wonder that didnt make too much news. That is the most horrible, most canned shit I’ve ever seen. Look, I didn’t expect Barack to break out the people’s eyebrow at the end of his little speech once he delivered the “You Know What Barack Is Cooking” line, but I expected a little more. It is clear that none of them have ever…evaevaeva seen a bit of wrestling in the last 15 years.

And who is HillRod, is that supposed to be Rowdy Roddy Piper? Or has it been so long since I watched this crap that I don’t get the references?

You want to talk junk WWE style, you gotta do it like Money May.

Put yo money where yo mouth is.


Hillary and Obama Getting it On?

April 3, 2008

I know we dropped a lot of heat on you guys this morning, but you’ve got to watch this right now.

That is brilliant work. Props to whoever put this thing together. That look Obama gives her at the beginning is great.

I guess we should have seen it coming.


If you don’t recognize the source material, (that means you haven’t been one of US for long…) check it out here. And the response here.



Yooo, that’s perfect.  We need more Obama unnecessary censorship bleeps.  The way that cat says his own last name is nothing short of classic, “She bleeping O-bama”…  Maaayne, if ‘Bamer actually makes it black comedians are going to have a field day rocking the parodies.  Best thing I’ve seen all month…

– Lake

Hillary Under Fire

March 26, 2008

I don’t have much to say about this picture other than the fact that it is hilarious.  Courtesy of my man H8torade.


That shit is hilarious.  Did you see the BS fake camouflage?  The helmet on lean?  Oh man, that’s killing me.

By the way…if you have ever been under sniper fire, wouldn’t you remember that?  If I was ducking and running, afraid to lose my life on a Bosnian airstrip…I’d know the difference between that and walking around with Sinbad and my daughter listening to poems and handing out jolly ranchers.

I’m just sayin’.


Keith Olbermann Rightly Calls Out Ferraro (and Hillary) For Racism

March 13, 2008

Keith it better than I ever could. Watch it:

Let me tell you right now, I am a New Yorker. I am a lifelong Democrat. I am damn near a GOP hater. I have supported Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill from jump. One more slight like this, one more comment, one more mysterious Barack in Muslim errr African garb picture and I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton if she turns out to be the Democratic Candidate! Moreover, I will campaign against her.


Oh yeah, Fuck Geraldine Ferraro!

– Lake

Defiant Ferraro Steps Down From Clinton Camp

March 13, 2008

That self described TOKEN of the 1984 Presidential Campaign (no wonder they lost) Geraldine Ferraro finally stepped down from Finance Committee of Hillary Clinton’s campaign today amid controversy surrounding her statement that Barack Obama wouldn’t be in the position he was today if he were a white man or a white woman.


You might think that after the firestorm she learned the error in her thinking or at very least, to shut the hell up, but the old bat continues to talk all kinds of shit.


Peep her latest parting shot after her announcement that she’s going to hit the fucking bricks:

“Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world, you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up. Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”

How’s that? I’ll tell you how that is. You’re a fucking idiot. That’s how that is. Really, anytime someone raises legitimate issues about Obama’s fitness to be the Party’s nominee, ANYTIME that happens (?), which is like, what, EVERY SINGLE DAY, that person is accused of racism?


I see. I guess that’s the whole Obama campaign strategy, since that “hollering racism trick” is so effective with 70% of the electorate. Riight, that makes perfect sense. Not only has Obama received more delegates, won more states and garned the overall popular vote to date, but he did it all because he’s a black man AND because of his highly sophisticated “accuse everyone of racism” strategy. Perfect reasoning from Mrs. Ferraro.


If your comments weren’t stupid, WRONG and racist, then why didn’t Hillary support what you said? Why hasn’t ANYONE supported what you said? Why is EVERYONE, black, white, brown and yellow criticizing your punk ass for your silly comments?


Geraldine, I know you think your stupid ass analogy about your lack of fitness as a Vice Presidential candidate gives you a free pass to opine on why Barack is where he is, but you’re just wrong. Again, just because you were an unqualified hack that made a good life out of a less than impressive resume, that doesn’t mean that an Ivy League educated, political super nova like Obama is afflicted with the same stench that kept your under qualified tail out of office.

Geraldine, I’ve listened to Obama speak, Obama was a friend of mine, Geraldine, YOU’RE NO OBAMA!!!


Hell, you’re no George Herbert Walker Bush, which is why he and ole Ronny Reagan cleaned your clock back in 1984. Is this what the Democratic Party is really about? Shit, I feel like Scarface sitting at the dinner table… “Is dis what it’s all about meng?”


I mean, maybe my boy Greg in VA (aka DHater for those of you who are up on the comments), a cat who I can’t believe is still a Black Republican after all this shit that’s gone on over the past 7 years, is right. Maybe these GOP cats and Democratic cats are all the same. As soon as these cats want to beat Obama, they resort to the same old trick. They insert race into the equation, which they know is a lose-lose a cat like Barack who is trying to avoid the fallout associated with his race and then accuse Obama of being racist toward them!!!!


How crazy is that? Obama rolls with a message of hope and change, they come out talking about how he wouldn’t be where he is but for his race, as if being black has been such a benefit in American society, and now he’s the one being racist? Riiight, the Obama campaign is attacking you because you’re white Geraldine. Exactly, because as white people in America, all we do is get wrongly persecuted because of our race!!!

I know, I know, Hillary didn’t ask you to step down, you just refused to allow the Obama campaign, with all their vicious and unwarranted race-based attacks on white people, to distract the voters from the core issues. Riiiight, this is all THEIR fault, not YOURS.


Get to steppin, chick!

– Lake