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Erykah Badu’s tailpiece deserves another look

February 22, 2008

Lord have mercy.

Andre 3000 is a genius.

– Lake

Thick black woman alert: Erykah Badu

July 10, 2007

Further evidence the Andre 3000 is the greatest southern rapper of all time and definitely in the discussion for best out there (if he would just rap again). As many may remember, young Dre used to date Erykah Badu, but what we didn’t know was that Dre had been hiding a little secret from the general public: Badu has a crazy arse piece! Check it.

Daaaaaayum!!! Reminds me of that classic Genuwine line from the arse man anthem “In those Jeans”:

You got that thunder, and it only makes me wonder
how it feels to get up in those jeans
(those jeans)
Really thick, like I like it,
Tell me is there room any more for me in those jeans
Lookin tasty, really scrumptious,
tell me is there any more room for me in those jeans

Come on Dre, all the time we would see Badu wrapped up in some Burlap sack, looking like the Stanford Tree or somethin’.


But you knew she had the goods laid up under there perfectly, just a sittin on dubbs!!! Wow. Ms. Badu, please, more spandex and hot pants… you can make em out of hemp for all we care, but the world needs to see what you’re bringing to the game. We’ll be waiting.


One of our loyal readers just sent me yet another tribute to Badu’s greatness. We’ll take it. I think Bernie Mack’s character in Friday said it best, “the lord is my shepherd, he know what I want.”