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Dancing With The “Stars”: Marie Osmond Can’t Handle the Heat

October 23, 2007

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I might watch Dancing With the Stars just to see sexy ass Mel B. Well, the show is too terrible for me to even do that, but when this hit the wire this morning, I just couldn’t resist.

Now I’ve heard that DWTS is “intense”, I’ve seen the evidence of these “stars” losing lots of weight during the show, I’m sure the physical demands of the fox trot, the samba, the quick step, the Heisman on that Ho, or the pop it and lock it, are very high. It is great how the host just cuts to commercial. I guess they were able to rouse her before coming back from the break, but they were acting like she went down on a big hit on Monday Night Football. I half expected Marie to be giving a thumbs up from the back of a golf cart when they came back on air.

That bring said, Marie went hard until the end. She made no indication that she was about to tap out until she was halfway down. I mean she fell so fast that her partner Fabio didn’t even have time to catch her. Most of the time, you get a little sway, a little extra hard blink, or some indication they know it is coming.

For instance, let’s peep this kid:

He rocks the full bug eyed sway to the left before he goes down. I don’t even know if his hands came out of his pockets. Then he gets up and still spells the word! Hot.

How about this dude from “To Catch A Predator”:

Did he think the gum was the problem? Naaaaaahhh meng, it is those hot cameras on yo ass! He stands, dips his head, and gives the full rhino charge into that fake ass prop bar they have constructed.

Or this:

Okay, that isn’t fair…that dog didn’t know that was coming.

Passing out is right up there with tasers as one of the UvT favorites.