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Trick Daddy Arrested In Strip Club. No One Surprised

September 12, 2007


In breaking news, rapper Trick Daddy, AKA Trick Daddy Dollas, was arrested for getting rowdy in a strip club.  He doesn’t look like he’d cause any trouble in a room full of dollar bills and naked women, does he?

Anyway, apparently Trick bit off a little more than he can chew because he got his ass whooped and had to take his mug shot with a bloody nose and swollen eye.


You’d think a man who had “thug” in every album title he ever made would actually be able to hold his own in a fight.  Guess not.

Trick, next time just make it rain on em like Pac Man Jones.  Or better yet, how is this…don’t go to a strip club!  You have enough money and fame to have strippers come back to the crib for free.  Why do these cats still end up in the skrip wilin out?  Booty stops, drops, and pops the same in the crib as it does in the club.  Send pookie, ray ray ‘n dem down to the club with a G while you stay at home and let the strippers…errr….college students just doing this until their loan money comes in come to you.  What else is there?  You can’t be going for the food, decor, or to hang out with the other people who frequent strip clubs.

In fact, I’m starting a new support group for famous people.  If you are about to go to a strip club when you shouldn’t and catch an ass whoopin, call yo boy Brock.  I’ll throw on a tape of Nelly’s tip drill and whoop your ass in the privacy of your own home.  Lindsay Lohan wants to get drunk and total her $120,000 car?  Once again, I’m there.  I’ll bring the goose and take the car off her hands.  She may even get some bonus service.  Britney want to roll out with no draws?  I’ll be there with my time machine so it can be 2003 again, back when she was bad, and I will personally do the draws check for her.

Simply call 1-800-hollatchaboy and I’ve got your back.