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Jermaine Dupri definitely does not have his lady in check

September 19, 2008

Hey, I’m no male chauvinist, but even I’d have to firmly put my foot down if my lady was caught behaving like this.

And no, I don’t care if it’s on stage or not, faux mic checks would make me wonder what was really going on in that tour bus, especially if she had a clean foot on me.


I mean, look at the expression on that freak dancer’s face!  And that angle on that tail piece.. I just aint right.  But I guess she’s like 48 or something, so it’s like whatev.  Anyway, let’s not forget that Janet has a history of letting her dancers hit, too.

Oh, hell naw.  Cat are really into some other shit.  Whatever happened to just getting after some tail the old, All American way?

Jer-mang.. Please, get your lady man.  She aint doing anything for your image right here.  Be a man, take a stand.  Put this shit to a stop.

– Lake

Bow Wow…Official Midget Status?

June 27, 2007

I know that he is all grown up now…he dropped the “lil”, he was cutting Ciara (clearly he learned something from Jermaine Dupri from the book of “pimpin outside of your league”), and he even almost curses in a few songs. But then I saw this picture:


Now I’ve seen JD in real life. He was with the Brat, who never wears heels and she had him by about four inches. I mean we know Janet is about 4’10” and she towers over him here.


The man can’t be taller than 5 feet. This cat Bow Wow is standing on the table, and is fully in the frame and doesn’t look completely ridiculous. If I was standing on the table in this picture, the only thing you would see in the frame is Lil Brock. I mean, those shorts he has on can’t be from the man section of the store. Where he shops, the clothes are still listed by age, and the only three sizes are “slim, regular, and husky”.

This was a kid who used to say he would play professional basketball if he wasn’t rapping. I guess he got confused with the difference between acting and real life and he is waiting for magic shoes and the kid from Jerry Maguire to show up and help him out. I really feel bad for him since his former rival Lil Romeo is now six feet tall and got recruited to a resurgent USC basketball program.

Damn Bow, I felt for you, so I made an advance call to Gary Coleman and Webster to ask them to leave to door to the lil man club open for you.