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Vick investigated for Cockfighting too

July 18, 2007

We just got word that Vick is also being investigated for Cockfighting! Awww Mayne!


I thought some of Vick’s moves on the field looked a little familiar, a little animalistic if you will.


I guess he’s took a page out of Roy Jones, Jr’s book:

“Sucka move I stole from a Gamecock, YALL MUSTA FORGOT!!!!!”

That’s it, dogs is one thing, but once you start messing with Game Roosters, I’m just done. How is Vick gonna disrespect the chicken after how good it’s been to all of us over the years?

Damn, that’s f*cked up. Sorry Mike, I can’t help or support ya no more. To the Lions!!!!

– Lawful Lake


Damn Lake! That’s f’d up! You are going to trade my man Vick to the Lions? Oh wait….you mean feed him to the lions…gladiator style. That’s not so bad then. I thought you meant trade him to the Lions, Matt Millen style. Now that just ain’t right.