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Filthy Rich Martyrdom: The Duke Lacrosse backlash continues….

September 7, 2007

Mike Nifong, the naughty District Attorney who turned Durham, NC, Duke University and the lives of three Duke Lacrosse players upside down, started his one day jail sentence today.


Oh yes, you just know the “young angry man” aka the Long Island Gangsta aka Da Slim Thugga aka Colin “I see gay peoople” Finnerty is taking extra satisfaction today as he sits in that basket weaving errr African American Studies errrr Contemporary Conservative Ideologies class at Loyola “of Maryland”.


No question, I’m sure he got up early this morning (10:35 AM) to slam a half can of natty light read each and every internet article lamenting the “rush to judgment” on these fine, upstanding young men who were “railroaded” by the evil District Attorney, an overzealous and riled up black community and worst of all the BIG BAD DUKE UNIVERSITY… Oh yeah, that ugly institution that should have, but failed to “look out for their own.” No question, Colin is feeling good today.


As he should. All the Duke Lax three should. Because if ANYONE got over in all of this is was them:

A. First off, they all stole received $4 Million (they wanted $8 mil!!!) from Duke in settlement.

B. Dave Evans barely missed a beat and now he’s chillin’ at a blue chip investment bank in New York.

C. My main boy Reade Seligmann is humming along nicely at Brown University, getting back in game shape and undoubtedly doing his thing academically…

D. Colin, well, Colin is probably right where he should have been in the first place, at Loyola (Md) majoring in Lacrosse, brew, the white horse, ass kicking and hizzoes.

So realistically, everyone is right back where they were or should have been had they not been picked out of that line-up by that legitimately crazy (seriously, she’s mentally ill) skripper.


I can’t lie, I’d be smiling too… And why has all of this happened? Of course, it’s the natural backlash of the privileged white guy. I mean, when you go after white cats with loot like these guys or your boy Lakey the Don, you better come correct because they are NOT to be played with and they will fight back. Hence, what’s happened to Mike Nifong’s candy ass who can now add a one day jail sentence, along with a criminal contempt conviction, the loss of his job, disbarment and life-as-he-knows-it-ending infamy to his list of parting gifts for a job horribly done in the Lax case.


People ask why Mike Nifong did what he did. After all, they were so shocked that a DA could be that reckless in the media, withhold evidence from the defense or even refrain from talking to or listening to the story of the accused. Hey, I’ve got news for you folks, THAT’S WHAT DISTRICT ATTORNEYS DO!!!! Sheeeyut, Mike Nifong did what he did because that’s what he’s always done, only it’s usually some cat named “DayShawn Edmunds” from Fayetteville Street getting screwed over with no loot, no access to attorneys and NO RECOURSE. Mike just F’d with the wrong cats.


I mean, does anybody believe that the chief law enforcement officer for the State of North Carolina would proclaim innocent some dude named “Pookie” (from ova dere by Northgate Mall) after it was revealed that the DA didn’t mind locking up a black dude who just happened to fit the description, as ALL black men do, of “black male, medium build, short crop hair, and medium complexion” but no other reasonably conceivable link to the crime with which he was charged? Do you think there would be an ethics investigation launched? I think not. It’s hard to imagine the level of preferential treatment these kids actually got, all because of who they were, not what they did or did not do!


Again, don’t tell me there’s no such thing as white privilege in the justice system or in this case specifically, because that was 100% in play here. Hell, if the accused happened to be some random white dude attending Durham Tech from Rocky Mountain, NC with the exact same circumstances, he wouldn’t have gotten a coke, a smile or even an apology from ANYONE for his trouble. No, this is about rich white kids who grew up in multi-million dollar homes, have highly influential parents (with influential friends, read Bill Bennett) attended schools like Delbarton, Chaminade, Landon Prep, Brown, Duke and Loyola (Md)…well, maybe not Loyola (Md), but you get my point.

So take a bow Reade, Lake, Colin and Dave… You did it. You managed to put crazy dough in your pockets all because Duke just wanted it to go away (you didn’t deserve 5 food points from Duke U), you all got hot summer or full-time jobs at big time NY firms and MOST IMPORTANTLY, you are all heroes to the most influential segment of American society: Old (and young) rich white dudes who probably wouldn’t have cared if you DID rape that chick and will now make your success their personal little vicarious pet project for the foreseeable future.


Anyway, now that the dust has settled, all I can say is, hey, you won. Mike Nifong is sitting his dumb ass in a jail cell (where he belongs I might add), that stripper is still broke, black and crazy, just how you left her, you’ve got $4 mil in you pockets to toss around some, and you’re a cult hero to thousands of cats like George Bush and Spencer from the Hills… in short, it’s all good! Enjoy your victory, that machine Reade’s and Dave’s parents had behind you certainly earned it.

No Love…

– Lake


I just read that Reade Seligmann, Colin Finnerty and Dave Evans have put the City of Durham on notice that they plan to file a suit but will settle for $30 Million dollars. Sheeyut, Colin, how many cases of Natty Lights do you need brother?! LOL.. You know that clown Ryan McFadyen is just kicking himself right now. He’s probably thinking, “I wrote that stupid ass email and all I got was a trip home for the semester, Reade, Killa Colin and Sponge Bob Square Jaw Dave Evans get put in the bracelets and now they’re millionaires.” If we could all be so lucky. These guys are a piece of work. Maybe they should start robbing little old black women in the Durham streets.. Then will they feel whole? See ya in hell fellas.