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Lakers rock the throwback shawt shorts

December 31, 2007

This is what Kevin Garnett looked like during Sunday’s game.


But it wasn’t because of a blow he sustained to the dome. Oh no, his eyes started bleeding like this as soon as the Lakers took off the warm up sweats and headed to center court for the opening tip!


And can you blame him? And though I thought nothing could EVER top those shorts, look at homeys footers? I mean, WTF is that?!?!!!! I never though it until now, but the Lakes may need to consider a colors change…either that or just bold them joints up some. Goodness.


“Now I aint gonna tell you again, stop rubbin’ up all close to me on those screens.”

Hot dammit, in case you didn’t hear, the Lakers went with the Kurt Rambis throwback uniforms for their game against the Boston Celtics on Sunday. Now normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but this time they rocked the old school shawt shorts too! Whooo wee, it wasn’t pretty.


Damn. John Stockton and Jeff Hornacek would be proud. You know there’s something wrong when the caption legitimately reads “more thigh than KFC ” and we’re talking about Derek Fisher.


I hate that Luke Walter looks completely normal in those shorts… By the way, how did Luke ever get into the league in the first place? Arrggh.. That’s more of Andrew Bynum than I needed to see. I do appreciate how Lamar Odom tried to meet up half way and high sock his way to respectability though. Dude, this is ridiculous. What’s next, will all our pop culture icons just lose their minds?


Muthafucka….Woman, where’s my eggnog err Sham-Pag-Nee!


Kevin Garnett a Celtic?

July 30, 2007

The news is bubbling today about the man-child KG going to the Celtics this summer. 


Now I agree that Garnett needs to get out of NBA purgatory up there in Minnesota. (the only place that is worse for a player was when the Grizzlies were in Vancouver…hell even the Grizzlies in Memphis isn’t that much of an upgrade)  KG already killed this deal once,saying that Beantown isn’t a great place for the black man.  Mike Wilbon of PTI backed up this reputation, it is a tough place for the brothers.

Here is the question, can a Celtics team that runs out Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and KG make some real noise?  Or is this the ’04 Lakers part Deux?  Just like the Lakers in 2004 would have been the baddest team ever assembled if it was 2001, if this was still 2004, these guys might actually be contenders.  KG would be having his MVP season, P-double would still have that “take over a game” level of skill, and Jesus Shuttlesworthwould be and is still money from outside.  Honestly, Ray’s still got it.  KG probably has a little left in him (I haven’t watched him much since the T-Wolves suck), Paul can probably hold it together from game to game like post-Bulls Scottie Pippen.  Oh, and by the way, who the hell is going to run point?  Tony Allen?  Bassy Telfair?  Yeah, I wouldn’t put my hopes with those guys.  Once again, if the East still looked like it did in 2004, when the Pistons ran roughshod on the league, this team could probably coast, but now?  The East with the Cavs, Pistons, Wizards, an upgraded Orlando (OK, I’m probably pushing it now), but either way the East is a better league now. 

KG, I know you gotta make that change like Michael Jackson said, but this might not be an improvement homey.  I will say this, if it doesn’t work, you might want to start lookin’ at that mang in the mirror for real.

If you wanna make da world, a bet-tah place, take a look at yo-self and make that…Chaaaaaaange.  Hoooo!   Ta.  Tah-Hooooo!


Sports WAGs = Performance on the field?

July 5, 2007

After the Stray-Rod incident we had an epiphany: You can really tell how an athlete will perform based on the babes he’s got on his team. For instance, A-Rod is seen hollering at that confirmed hizzo and next thing you know, he’s murdering the Sox and the rest of the AL with homer after homer and knock after knock (of course that’s not helping the rest of his squad, but he can’t do it all). See, that’s good chick karma A Rod’s got. So it got us thinking. Peep these Wags:

1. Andy Pettitte’s wife


Sure, Andy Pettitte has been a great pitcher with rings to prove it. Still, look at his record this season – 4-6. Hmm, maybe it’s got something to do with his wife piece or better yet, this god awful ensemble she rocked at his Yankee-one-mo-gin press conference earlier this year (I mean, what is that? Wild cheetah print with some exotic orchids and sh*t, crazy).

Hate to be harsh as I’m not quite sure Laura Pettitte used to be quite attractive. But now it’s a Yung Berg special (ie. “Hey sexy lady, it was nice to know you, but I’ve gotta move on-onnnnnn”), because her below average mug and turrible gear have finally translated to his play. Add to it that mop she’s got on her head and that strong chin piece… maybe Andy can talk to that “trainer” he, Clemens and Jason Grimsley used for your HGH and beef Roids, yep, time for an upgrade of a different sort there homey.

2. KG’s wife piece

Contrast Andy’s lady against my main man (ali g finger snap) Kevin Garnett. Ahhh, now this brother is doing it right.


Yes, classy, attractive and just appropriate. He’s got that Ne-yo “Baby you, you make me better” feel to his lady. Who can argue with this beauty? You just got to respect the man and not so coincidentally KG is on the rise. Dude is looking at a trade or free agency, or even better BOTH which could give him a shot at that elusive ring AND get him paid. Good lady karma people..oh and he wifed Brandi Padilla-Garnett too. Can’t hate on that.

3. Reggie Bush’s lady/cut buddy Kim Kardashian

And finally, one of the most electrifying figures in sports entertainment, Reginald Alfred Bush II… pure genius.


It’s no wonder Reggie won the Heisman, gets some of the highest paying endorsements and went to the Superbowl during his first year in the league. Dude selects his babes intelligently. If he saw that Ray J porno like we did, then he knows the mythical Kim Kardashian arse piece is real. He’s an LA guy so it’s just got to be done. Good work Reg. Brings LLoyd, “Get it shawty” to mind:

All I really want is
for you to back it up
go on and put your weight on it
cause it’s alright
do what you wanna
make me believe ya
ooh I wanna see ya

Get it Shawty…..


And while this last picture may be completely gratuitous, we figure more pics of Kimmy K can’t be bad for this Blog. We will continue to supply them.