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Superman Dat Dunk: The Dunk Contest is Back!

February 18, 2008

Dwight Howard really took it to another level last night.  For the first time since Vince Carter, someone actually thought of some dunks that have not been seen before.  First of all, he threw it off the backboard and caught it for a windmill dunk.  You’ve seen it before, right?  Naaaaaaah meng.  He threw it off the back of the backboard.

That was the first dunk of the night.  Then he broke out this one:

That was the best piece of dunk contest theater since Dee Brown pumped up his Reeboks back in 1991.  He really threw that joint in the rim though, it looked extra aggressive.

This is still the best dunk of all time though.

When Vince broke that joint out, it was really the craziest thing I had ever seen.