Defiant Ferraro Steps Down From Clinton Camp


That self described TOKEN of the 1984 Presidential Campaign (no wonder they lost) Geraldine Ferraro finally stepped down from Finance Committee of Hillary Clinton’s campaign today amid controversy surrounding her statement that Barack Obama wouldn’t be in the position he was today if he were a white man or a white woman.


You might think that after the firestorm she learned the error in her thinking or at very least, to shut the hell up, but the old bat continues to talk all kinds of shit.


Peep her latest parting shot after her announcement that she’s going to hit the fucking bricks:

“Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world, you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up. Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”

How’s that? I’ll tell you how that is. You’re a fucking idiot. That’s how that is. Really, anytime someone raises legitimate issues about Obama’s fitness to be the Party’s nominee, ANYTIME that happens (?), which is like, what, EVERY SINGLE DAY, that person is accused of racism?


I see. I guess that’s the whole Obama campaign strategy, since that “hollering racism trick” is so effective with 70% of the electorate. Riight, that makes perfect sense. Not only has Obama received more delegates, won more states and garned the overall popular vote to date, but he did it all because he’s a black man AND because of his highly sophisticated “accuse everyone of racism” strategy. Perfect reasoning from Mrs. Ferraro.


If your comments weren’t stupid, WRONG and racist, then why didn’t Hillary support what you said? Why hasn’t ANYONE supported what you said? Why is EVERYONE, black, white, brown and yellow criticizing your punk ass for your silly comments?


Geraldine, I know you think your stupid ass analogy about your lack of fitness as a Vice Presidential candidate gives you a free pass to opine on why Barack is where he is, but you’re just wrong. Again, just because you were an unqualified hack that made a good life out of a less than impressive resume, that doesn’t mean that an Ivy League educated, political super nova like Obama is afflicted with the same stench that kept your under qualified tail out of office.

Geraldine, I’ve listened to Obama speak, Obama was a friend of mine, Geraldine, YOU’RE NO OBAMA!!!


Hell, you’re no George Herbert Walker Bush, which is why he and ole Ronny Reagan cleaned your clock back in 1984. Is this what the Democratic Party is really about? Shit, I feel like Scarface sitting at the dinner table… “Is dis what it’s all about meng?”


I mean, maybe my boy Greg in VA (aka DHater for those of you who are up on the comments), a cat who I can’t believe is still a Black Republican after all this shit that’s gone on over the past 7 years, is right. Maybe these GOP cats and Democratic cats are all the same. As soon as these cats want to beat Obama, they resort to the same old trick. They insert race into the equation, which they know is a lose-lose a cat like Barack who is trying to avoid the fallout associated with his race and then accuse Obama of being racist toward them!!!!


How crazy is that? Obama rolls with a message of hope and change, they come out talking about how he wouldn’t be where he is but for his race, as if being black has been such a benefit in American society, and now he’s the one being racist? Riiight, the Obama campaign is attacking you because you’re white Geraldine. Exactly, because as white people in America, all we do is get wrongly persecuted because of our race!!!

I know, I know, Hillary didn’t ask you to step down, you just refused to allow the Obama campaign, with all their vicious and unwarranted race-based attacks on white people, to distract the voters from the core issues. Riiiight, this is all THEIR fault, not YOURS.


Get to steppin, chick!

– Lake

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15 Responses to “Defiant Ferraro Steps Down From Clinton Camp”

  1. Dhater Says:

    Come on Meng. You know what this is all about. The Clintons (and their surrogates) are all hating on BHO because he is UPPITY!!! He had the temerity to run for President before they told him that the country was READY for him (after Hillary got to run and lose at least twice). He wouldn’t let massa deliver him to the White House (the irony is thick), so now they have to put him in his place.

    The Dems want Black people to vote for them, to let them come sway and cry in the church with them on Sunday during the campaign, and to (maybe) take on a secondary or tertiary cabinet post in their administration. But most of all, they want these ——s to know their place! BHO (and the brothers and sisters who support him) don’t know their place and it has brought out the “Down Home Arkansas Whit Trash Racist” and the “Midwestern/Hillbilly Pennsylvania Upper Class Racist” that have been there under the surface all of these years and has driven their social “welfare” policies.

    Cats need to open their eyes like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky. You been had! Bamboozled! Run Amok! Led Astray! Don’t get me started on the non-silky white feminsts and their hatred of black people generally, and black men in particular (brothas ain’t give ’em no love back in college). Enter Geraldine “White Power” Ferraro. The problem is, even though the Clinton camp is wrong, these tactics are pretty much a no-lose proposition because it keeps white people (Lake) focused on the fact that they are about to give this BLACK MAN control over the button. And that dog won’t hunt in East Hillbilly Pennsylvania, which goes to the polls on April 22.

    Black people have no excuse to vote for the Clintons (even Chelsea, who I heard might have had a little love for the brothas back in the day at Sidwell) after all of this. But you know they will. Cats don’t learn…

  2. KIR in NV Says:

    Dhater / Greg:

    Hit me up at or Eharmony or whatever Lake turned me on to earlier. I think we are muy simpatico…

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    DHater, there is some truth to what you’re saying, but BHO (I like that) is winning playboy. You think the hicks in your party would vote for his Republican equivalent? I know, I know, Colin Powell.. So if we, meaning white folks, are basically all the same, how does it help you to be with the religious freaks and moralizers who hate you and everything you stand for? Economics alone? As Omar from the wire said, a man’s gotta have a code, player.

    I’d rather a cheating girlfriend that gives me some than be someone’s prison bitch, my dude.

    And I’m going to need some more in depth analysis of your Murrland Terps too..haaa As I type this they’re up on BC.

  4. KIR in NV Says:

    Lake, baby, I need you to run back that UNLV vs TCU game for us. I hear my Rebels pulled out a win tonight. Let’s get back to the important shit.

  5. ncaa Says:

    I think Lake should limit his commentary to actual Tourney participants.. UNLV might have that gaming on lock, but that hoops team was god awful this year girl…sorry.

  6. KIR in NV Says:

    Uhh…I don’t know about “god awful” since people were talking about them getting in even if they didn’t get the automatic bid. Fortunately they manned up against BYU and got it done. Granted this ain’t the Tark led Grandmama / S Augmon / G Anthony ballers from back in the day but I’ll take ’em.

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    I was going to say Lon Kruger got the fellas in with that win in whatever conference yall rep.. ha But Lon is the real deal and the Rebs aint to be taken lightly… Kir, Brock and I were down in NYC prematurely celebrating the launch of our all new UvT site. Up in the hip hop room at Marquee doing it up… You west siders probably don’t know about that…Vegas beckons, you can bet on that. That Tryst was a monster a few years back.

  8. KIR in NV Says:

    Yeah, our Coach K is handling his biznezz here. I was worried when he had to fire two players during the season for stupidity, but it’s all good now.

    Hold off on the UvT Vegas roadie until the feds get the nightclubs straight. Seems they’ve been seriously shaking down people for their loot and Uncle Sam wants to know where his share is. Not so much a problem for us ladies since we generally get moved to the front of the line but I guess it really sucks for the fellas. I’ll let you know when it’s clear.

    When should I and the other UvT VIPs expect our launch invitations?

  9. Brock Hardon Says:

    Uhhhhh, KIR in NV. Usually when “amateur” players get kicked off of their college basketball team, they get “suspended” or “lose their eligability”. You only get fired from a job…wait this is UNLV, they probably were on payroll.

    My bad…you left yourself open though.

  10. KIR in NV Says:

    Yeah Brock I know how it works. I used the term “fired” because those knuckleheads did not leave on their own terms but got kicked to the curb.

    Personally I think college athletes should be paid though instead of being pimped by their school.

  11. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir, word on the street is that Vegas bottles are now $545 each plus 7% tax and 20% gratuity.. Jesus. With that three bottle minimum that makes it just stupid. It’s already silly, but these cats are just way out of line with these clubs… still Vegas beckons, hands down the best domestic party location around.

  12. KIR in NV Says:

    Check your math…that’s 7.75% tax.

    Like I said, it’s not so much a problem for us ladies cuz we can (and do) get in and drink for free if we doing it right. But if I was a dude, I would have a real problem dropping stacks to get in the door on some clown who can’t even spell GED…then bone out for the party favors when inside. I’ve heard that they run through and clear off the tables while folks are getting their groove on out on the floor so there goes your $20 Mai Tai. And don’t complain about it cuz somebody there will take you out back and beat your azz.

    These clubs aren’t owned or managed by the properties where they are located so casino management doesn’t say sh*t about what goes down in there. All they care about is that they got a hot spot where celebs, athletes, scrubs, skanks and hizzoes can post up.

    Turns out that the majority of these newest places are owned or managed by one dude with a “mysterious” (read: shady) background. Anytime you have large amounts of cash moving through, you can count on some “lax business practices” going on.

    When you’re ready to head out, lemme know and I can direct you to an alternate location. You can bring your own drank and I’ll just charge you a *nominal* cover charge. Dress code strictly enforced.

    Peace to my boys Lake and Brock.

  13. Lake Arlington Says:

    Kir, I hear you. The problem is that if you get a bunch of cats out to Vegas from the East Side with a little scratch in their pocket, they want to make sure they’ve got access to the baddest chicks in Vegas. So what does that mean, they invariably hit the newest club, an old stand bye (ghost bar) and then the skrip clubs. Right? I aint seen a spot in Vegas that’s BYOB with babes that got all their teef-fa-sis… Who knows. And for me, when I hit a club, I like to pop bottles, gen pop is too hectic…. Do you work in the entertainment industry out there?

  14. KIR in NV Says:

    This is what the industry is counting on…folks just rolling in, dropping some $$$ and peacing out. So what if somebody gets mad? There’s 400 other somebodies standing in line outside to get in. It ain’t cool.

    Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t all employed in “entertainment” (and I’m using that term loosely, not unlike the character of some of the so-called industry employees, ahem). I work for The Man but not the level of gubment that has its eyes trained on the nightclubs. Somebody’s gotta run this sh*t. Can’t tell you any more than that or I’ll hafta take some security measures…

    I was only playing about the alternate location – I was thinking I could pimp this as a side biz and add to my net worth. Always schemin’, I am. You got any other work from home opportunities for me?

  15. Says:

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