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NBA Referee Gambling and Point Shaving Scandal: Timmy “Da Whistle” Donaghy gets popped?!

July 20, 2007

Look, when this story first broke we had no idea which NBA ref got in over his head with his own illegal gambling and then had to answer to Paulie and Christopher.


But if we had to guess one ref who did have the gambling jones AND was ignant enough to actually throw games for other cats like it was 1947 and not 2007, then our own speculative money was on the only known NBA Thug rockin’ a ref’s uniform, Joey Crawford of inexplicable technical fouls for Tim Duncan fame. But alas, it’s this slug, Tim Donaghy instead. Dammit!


NBA referee Tim Donaghy is under investigation by the FBI for allegations that he bet on games that he officiated over the past two seasons and that he made calls affecting the point spread in games for the benefit of his mob associates. Is that all?


And yes folks, Ole Timmy Whistles did resign once he got word of the investigation. Truth be told, we feel for the guy. I can only imagine how tough it is to have Kobe in your face asking you why you just made that completely inexplicable call, knowing FULL WELL that as you see Kobe’s lips move, all you’re thinking about is the threat from Tony Soprano‘s to make you Bobby Bacala’s “popped cherry” murder if you don’t either get him his money or fix this game tonight…. Yikes.

Awww, I just read that the 40 year old Donaghy is a Villanova grad and was involved with NBA Reads Program..nice. There’s a role model for the kiddies. One thing is for sure, this puts a decisive bullet in that NBA team in Vegas idea. Again, ugly.


Sopranos’ last note: Off Key

June 11, 2007

Sunday night brought the end of a historic television series, The Sopranos.

We’re not going to spend too much time on this, but the last episode of the Sopranos was just ok and really left more questions than answers. All these clowns out here talking about how perfect it was or that it was “television genius,” I’ve got something for you:

It was an ending that barely met a Sopranos end of a season standard, much less that fitting of what was arguably the end of the best tv series ever. We’re so upset about it, that we’re just going to attach this picture of Meadow to cheer us up.

Sure, that works. Look at Carmela trying to get in there too. Who knows, maybe we’ll do a “Ladies of the Sopranos” piece to cheer everyone up.

Hopefully there will be a movie to fix this mess because that just wasn’t good enough.