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Us Versus Them…A Users Guide

August 14, 2007

With the thousands of new viewers hitting Us Versus Them every day, Lake and I figured we needed to let you know how to get the most out of your UvT experience.

If you don’t like sports, ladies, politics, ladies, Kim Kardashian, and other ladies with a waist to azz ratio that no jeans can contain, and giving it to the idiots that can’t keep themselves from doing something stupid in public, you are one of them, and probably need to spend your time elsewhere.

In fact, let’s just get a gratuitous Kimmy K shot right quick.


Thanks baby. Stay classy.

We aren’t haters. We just don’t let anyone get away with anything, anytime.

Always click the blue links. Some of the best jokes are in there.

Always read the tags, the rest of the best stuff is in there.

The UvT lexicon:

Damn Homey! – Fitty said it best. “You used to be the maaaaan homey, f*ck happened to you?”. This term is reserved for someone who needs to step their game up.

Ignant – Keeping it real. Really stupid.

Slackin’ on yo Pimpin’ – When you just aren’t keeping it tight. You’re fading out. You need tighten your stuff back up.

Silky Headed Toez – The opposite of Don Imus’ Nappy Headed Hoes.

Superthick – When a lady who is a ham sandwich away goes on ahead and blazes up an entire full shank, spiral cut, honey baked ham with a side of yams and a 2 liter. Too thick.

Turrible – just beyond terrible

WAGs – Wives and Girlfriends

Us Versus Them – The way we look at the world. Brock and Lake are on one side and the whole damn world is on the other. If you don’t love us, you hate us, and there is nowhere in between.

UvT likes:

The ladies


Duke basketball

Allison Stokke



Brady Quinn

People at Maryland who think they are Duke’s rival

Stupidity (see above)

Ladies who have overmarinated and become superthick

people who say dumb sh*t

Negative Arse

If you’re new, sorry we are heavy on the entertainment and reality shows right now. It’s f’n baseball season. We just can’t get hype. But football is coming and if you look through the archives, you know we cover basketball. Stick around. You’ll like what you see.