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The Ladies 2.0

November 16, 2007

So the future of the internet is all about generating your own content. Web 2.0, Blogging, Flickr, You Tube, MySpace, Facebook. All of these sites have created places for expressing yourself. Making stars out of the common people. Hey, I’m all for it. Otherwise we wouldn’t have Tila Tequila, right?

So Us Versus Them is buying into it too. We always show you the hottest ladies from the mainstream press, now we are gonna see what the deal is with the best of the regular chicks. Here’s the first and dammit she’s setting the bar high.


Here’s our girl on Halloween. And yes, I’m talking about the girl on the right, not the chick in the bad pajamas. Cute smile, silky smooth through the waist piece. She’s giving new meaning to the phrase “Fuck tha Police”.


Now I’ve got my masters in Assology and this is when I knew I was on to something. Do you see those legs? Those calves and thighs are setting up for greatness. I’ll give you a full breakdown of how to become a certified Assologist next week, but for now just know this. Whenever you see a leg thigh combo like this with the athletic body and slimmed out waist, get ready. Now I haven’t seen the tail piece yet, but I know this young lady will not disappoint. I mean my goodness. Apparently this chick is at an ivy league law school too. Dangerous combination.


Here’s our girl again rocking some kind of holiday shots. I don’t know why she’s rocking the sad face though, she’s packing a hook on her. I mean the stripes are just overkill at this point. Jesus. Lake is going to lose his damn mind. A white babe stacked up like a sister? Allison Stokke better watch her back. Seriously though, that is perfect. The profile never lies.

Here’s the money shot though:


Now I don’t know if this brother was lining her up for the camera so he would never forget this moment, but I for one appreciate it bruh. This chicks body is craaaaaazy. Draws? Doesn’t look like it. Thonged up at the very least. As Lake would say “It’s lovely and I love it”.

There’s gotta be more everyday Biels out there. Send ’em in, point us in the right direction and we’ll post them up on UvT. MySpace girls, You Tube videos, whatever. Send Brock what you got.


Halloween Hangover

November 3, 2007

Superthick chick Melyssa Ford had her Halloween/Birthday party on Halloween night and here are pics from the party.  Let’s see what the D-List was wearing.


Melyssa went as a member of the Camel Toe Racing team.  Nice.


Golden Brooks is trying to let the Dancing With the Stars Has Beens people know that she is available for next season.


I don’t know who this chick is, but Hocahontas will always be welcome at UvT.  She just wanted everyone to know that she has that Indian Hair.  ha!


Once again evidence that Halloween is just an excuse to get as naked as possible.  Is that giraffe?


I fight broke out and someone had to call the Holice.


Now this is a disappointment.  Mya usually delivers, but this is a lackluster effort from her.  She was about to get a profile as one of the UvT faves based on the strength of her King Magazine appearances alone.  Let’s try another angle.


Oh damn, that’s worse.  Yeesh.  She’s gonna have to take a lap on this one before she gets front page status here.  Get your game tight.  Try to capture the magic of a few years ago when you put on this show.


Booty clutched tight like Britney on that one.


The legendary thighs…  Now when I said take a lap I didn’t mean a lap dance, but I’ll take it.

Anyway, there ware some dudes at the party too.  Let’s not leave them out.  I think this guy should win costume of the night.  This cat dressed up as Rog from “What’s Happening?”.


Man, he looks just like him.  Ha!

This guy had an interesting costume:


He went as a dude who just played himself for the rest of his life.



Halloween: Tricks are the new Treat

October 30, 2007

They must pass out “be a ho” licenses on October 30th of every year, because Halloween has become a matter of “think of a loose theme and get as naked as you can”.  If you have the pleasure of getting onto or near a college campus on Halloween, you know what I’m talking about.  We’re definitely not complaining here at Us Versus Them, in fact, you know damn well we’ve collected the best.


Okay, here’s what I’m talking about.  That girl knows damn well she just threw the bat signal on her hooker outfit.  At least she brought her sidekick, “drop it like it’s hot”.

These girls did a little better.


Now some poor kids didn’t get to be the teenage mutant ninja turtles this year.  Those costumes were clearly made for 5 year olds.


These chicks went for the basics.  Bonus points for matching  though.


A prisoner?  Now this is what OZ on HBO should have been like.  The damn show would still be on.  I know, I know chicks in prison don’t look like this babe, and fishnets aren’t standard issue.  I can dream can’t I?


Cat and Devil right?  No…just strippers with silly headbands.


This chick didn’t even get the holiday right.  We’re gonna let her slide though.  Is she workin’ with something?  That might not be right up under there.  I can’t tell.

Even celebrities get in the mix.


Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane goes as Chad Johnson.  Uhhh, I don’t think that is the NFL approved equipment there sweetheart.  You do Ocho Cinco proud though.

Before I go, Halloween is also a license for clowns to make a complete fool of themselves and for a white boy to break out the blackface.


Now how did this dude get the whole Urkel outfit?  Especially those corrective shoes he’s rocking.  Let me tell you something, there ain’t a damn thing in Brock’s closet that would get me close to this costume.  You can’t rearrange legit gear to end up in Urkel land.  Damn bruh, just damn.


Now see.  Here we go.  I want to hate old dude, but props for not going too dark on the skin color and extra points for the commitment to the tattoos.   This looks like a sincere effort.  As opposed to this guy:


That just ain’t right.

Damn, I gotta cleanse my palette after that.


There, that’s better.  Seriously though, what is she supposed to be?  A present?  She was really like, “fuck a costume, how naked can I get?”  Did she buy the stripper heels just for the occasion?  My man in the back is clearly not impressed.

Happy Halloween.  UvT always has your candy.