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Another Sex Tape: Are you a White Stripes fan?

September 24, 2007

Me neither.

In fact, I’ve NEVER heard one single song by these cats and I like it that way. At any rate, I guess they had to cancel the rest of their tour because the female drummer, Meg White, has a sex tape out where she’s apparently getting after it.

(hmmm, maybe there is a reason to watch)

I mean, hey, who am I to stop my loyal readers from further degenerating into internet slugs. So here you go, HERE are the screen caps from the tape (NSFW) to get you started and if you want to go for the HIGH HEAT, which of course, I’ve never watched, HERE is the Not Safe For Work Meg White, White Stripes sex tape. Hmm, I aint seen it, but it just reminds you that you can never tell who will do what and never underestimate getting some mileage out of a chick’s ahem assets. Also, I guess everyone out there is on the Britney Spear deforestation plan, huh. Interesting. Out.

– Anonymous