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Golden Boy gone wild? Aww Hell No!!

September 19, 2007

Man, don’t tell me the Golden Boy done gone to Goldie Locks. What’s wrong with the world today if Oscar De La Hoya is suddenly dressing up like a woman!!??


Hey, we’re not totally sure these are real pics of Oscar De La Hoya, but dammit, they look real. No matter what, it’s all terrible. How does a Champion of the World go from this:


To dressing in drag like this:


And den, awww, from when the Golden Boy was really putting it on (lo homo) homey like dis:


and dis:


To really puttin it on one of his “homies” like dis (cringe):


Lordy, I know we aint talked in a while, but please.. please take the wheel on this one. I mean, Oscar has always been rapped for being “too soft” but dammit man, this is just taking the thing too far. I mean, I’d rather see him down low toward the canvas like dis:


Than have the homey laid out and loving it on the bajo “down low”, like this….


(myyyyy eyes)

Awwww sheeeyut, I can’t take it.


My keyboard is dirty. I’m done. Oscar, please send us a note saying it aint so. I would love nothing more than to have to retract this post, pull these joints down and whoop my own ass for putting them up there. Just say the word.. Please, tell me photoshop can do this to anybody.. Defend yourself, hell, go on the offense, something, anything. This is just too low. I can’t take it. Elizabeth, this is the big one. I’m coming... bad son.

– Brock errr Lake

Rumble Royale: Is this what boxing has come to?

May 1, 2007

One part homo, one part thug.  What a joke

What do you get when you add One Part no Homo with One Part studio Thug? Another $59.99 down the drain. Seriously, is anybody going to watch this fight?