Another Sex Tape: Are you a White Stripes fan?


Me neither.

In fact, I’ve NEVER heard one single song by these cats and I like it that way. At any rate, I guess they had to cancel the rest of their tour because the female drummer, Meg White, has a sex tape out where she’s apparently getting after it.

(hmmm, maybe there is a reason to watch)

I mean, hey, who am I to stop my loyal readers from further degenerating into internet slugs. So here you go, HERE are the screen caps from the tape (NSFW) to get you started and if you want to go for the HIGH HEAT, which of course, I’ve never watched, HERE is the Not Safe For Work Meg White, White Stripes sex tape. Hmm, I aint seen it, but it just reminds you that you can never tell who will do what and never underestimate getting some mileage out of a chick’s ahem assets. Also, I guess everyone out there is on the Britney Spear deforestation plan, huh. Interesting. Out.

– Anonymous

29 Responses to “Another Sex Tape: Are you a White Stripes fan?”

  1. Chester Taylor Says:

    Not bad, girl you look good won’t you back that ass up!!!!

  2. J'. Says:

    já foi desvendado.
    mais um golpezinho ridículo de mídia.

  3. john Says:

    the white stripes kick ass wtf is wrong with u

  4. dalton (desired) Says:

    What Teh Hell god hates you for dissin da stripes

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    I don’t hate the stripes, just never really heard of them until the babe started working ole boy.. that’s all.

  6. jay pan Says:

    heres some great advise… listen to them!!!

  7. avery Says:

    wtf is wrong with u??? white stripes pwn all ur fukin SOULS!!!!!!

  8. SevenNationArmy Says:

    The Stripes Rule, And Meg and Jack looked Awesome Together, I wished tehy hadn’t divoirced, Jack’s Re-married wife Doesn’t look as good with him :-\

  9. WhiteStriper Says:

    Fuck You! That is definitely not Meg. The White Stripes have postponed their shows because Jack has a severe vocal chord problem and Meg is also suffering from acute anxiety. If you guys finish jerking off to those fakes I suggest you visit a true and reliable website not this bull shit!

    That picture at the top is pretty sexy though.

  10. tgermosen Says:

    This sex tape is not real. Its a total fraud. Plus meg white would never do this…she seems to have more respect for herself than many other famous women. Its sad that someone even had the nerve to put this online and have others believe this is meg.

  11. CandyCaneChild222 Says:

    although i have my doubts, i will not say that meg didn’t actually do this. it could be fake, it could very well be the real deal. but no doubt in my mind that she is suffering from anxiety right now, whether or not she actually made this tape, and i wouldn’t blame her. and i will say that the white stripes are the coolest freaking band of this generation, and anyone who talks crap about them really aren’t that important to them or their fans anyway.

    if the tape is fake, it sucks that there are people out there who would do this to someone, ruin their good reputation. if the tape is real, i hope meg can just put it past her. everyone makes mistakes in their lives, everyone has their embarrassing moment. she’s still the coolest living drummer on the planet(besides ginger baker), she’s still loved by fans around the world. i hope she can shake it off, and hopefully the white stripes will tour again one day.

  12. Zach Says:

    lmao, wow the stripes are 2nd rate at best, neways looks like meg…and thats all that matters lol…oh and look…she botherd to brush her teeth…nice

  13. Johnny Swany Says:

    First of all, I dunno how I stumbled onto this blog, but you are retarted for possessing the opinion of the White Stripes sucking. Clearly you either a) dont know crap about music or b) have very poor taste in music. Second, I would like to say that you are comparable to the one Perez Hilton, the sweaty, giant, gossip faggot from Hollywood just spreading garbage throughout the internet.

    My suggestion, to get anyone to consistantly come read your crappy blog, would start with publishing blogs that are factual by means of applying your journalistic integrity to fact check and check sources before you post false information that discredits the entire internet and forces me to find 10 fucking internet sources to write a paper instead of the only one or two necessary, because of the false info a crappy site like this provides to the blind masses.

    Oh yea, and third, if you wish to remain annonymous, try to not post comments revealing your identity on your own fricking blog LAKE ARLINGTON you fucktard.

    SO. Have a nice afternoon all. I’m sure someone will enjoy much more of a laugh from my post than I got from reading this stupid piece.

  14. Ron Paul Says:

    You people are idiots.. You love White Stripes that much? Get a life. The best thing that happened to this band was the sex tape. Before that they simple were not relevant. Sorry, but get off Meg’s titties people.

  15. rocki Says:

    WHITE STRIPES rules for ever

  16. superman Says:

    your all ass wipes anyway who cares if its her or not i came thats whats important

  17. Connell Says:

    Why are you all so bothered this guy doesn’t like White Stripes? Are you their management? So people don’t like the same music as you, like it fucking matters!

  18. Thwax Says:

    Ahaha, seriously! I was wondering that myself, Connell, cheers.

    Although, I think it might be more about people taking exception to half-informed nitwits talking shit about an actual human being who’s in a band they like, someone who’s in a bad place and whom they sympathize with.

  19. Godex Says:

    allez remballe tes trucs à deux balles ça vaut rien ces rumeurs.
    des photos de trois pixels et demi ça prouve rien.
    jamais vous réussirez à abaisser l’estime que j’ai pour les White Stripes.
    et oui Meg est assez mignonne.

    so stop lying, stop tryin’ to make benefit on other’s back.
    buy some glasses, guy.

    bonjour aux fans des Stripes!

  20. Seven Nation Army Says:

    I like the stripes, but you have to admit that it looks like Meg. I think it’s a good thing. I’d fuck Meg in a major way and from the looks of things, she wouldn’t just sit back and take it lying down either.. It was hot when she climbed on and reversed it.

    And what’s with this french fuck writing this nonsense. Hey, get a set of balls before you come on here and speak the goddamn English son… nobody understands that pig latin… French guys are pussies…

  21. Buba Says:

    who ever posted that is fucking gay

  22. fletch Says:

    That dosnt fucking evan look like meg white you sick son of a whore you should be ashamend

  23. anon Says:

    thats not her but it was hot nonetheless, look at her tits jiggle lol

  24. Paige Says:

    Dude, I don’t give a fuck about their personal lives honestly.
    She can be the top rated porn star in the world
    do I care?
    No, so why should you?
    She’s an ever so talented drummer and Jack rocks that guitar.
    They are musicians, and they are amazing at what they do.
    So let them be what they want to be
    because they know that they can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too.
    They are a greeat band. so much talent. So shove off.

  25. First§§Act Says:

    I’ve got a short video file of Meg’s sex tape…Thinking I was downloading a Live video from The white stripes, but in fact, it was a fake and I sow Meg have some sex with a man.. Nothing shocking, all was really soft…I think we should better let peoples live their own life and please, let’s enjoy our own one…I like very much play Jack’s riffs on my guitar, this band is really amazing, Meg bring her sensuality behind the drums, and Jack his power… I think i’ts so stupid if someone don’t want to listen this band only because of Meg’s tape. Don’t be so closed. (I’m sorry for my english, but I’m french…) Bye everyone….

  26. CAcho Says:

    Am I a white stripes fan?


    And I cant tell, that the girl in that tape is not Meg White, still, what is your problem if she was, she can play drums right?

    Who cares if she likes sex, I bet you also do.

  27. badfun Says:

    The White stripes are very talented, I am unsure if thats meg as well. I could care less I just want to see them live.

  28. Ignignort Says:

    I have to digress back to how this chaos all started. The OB. Original Blogger. He’s more full-of-shit than Bill O’Reily. There is NO WAY he hasn’t heard their shit. Dude, you’re a douche (although I fully appreciate your open forum… high-five). Your “neutral position” is hogshit. These two are modern musical geniuses, and that’s coming from a musican. Furthermore, I prefer to believe those were Meg’s tits. I feel more edified having viewed them. Meg’s Tits. Not exactly my type of tits, but their MEG’S tits. That does somehow make them better, and even to the point where I may be able to get over that spare-tire she’s packing. Go Michellin-Meg! Knowing a chick will go for pizza and beer, and actually eat pizza and drink beer, …….priceless

  29. diggerbanks Says:

    This whole blog – the pros, the cons, the ignorant, the knowing, the music fans, the big titty fans – absolutely pathetic. Whilst I admit to be drawn to the curve in Meg’s t-shirt, for those of you who think that this is the sum of the white stripes’ talent, you are deeply misguided. Jack is possibly the greatest single talent in music today. But that is meaningless for you wankers out there: so just enjoy the tits and have a good one.

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