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Operation Can Scam: Is This Really A Crime?

October 4, 2007

So as the Michigan governmental structure was about to shut down because they are apparently completely out of money, this is what they were spending their last moments on. Stopping Illegal soda can deposits? I guess these guys were trafficking cans across state lines to get the more lucrative 10 cent deposit in Michigan to the tune of $500K.


Well damn, that’s a good profession. Sure it sounds good until you realize that it takes 5 MILLION cans to make that kind of loot. You don’t just come up on that many cans. You are doing some serious dumpster diving for that kind of volume.


Why exactly is this a crime again? How are they defrauding the government? I mean these cans were made by Coke, not by the damn state of Michigan. And like I said, if these guys are willing to tote around Five Million cans, I say more power to them. It wasn’t like they jacked the recycling center and turned the cans back in. Here’s my thing, Michigan actually has a task force set up to combat this issue. Yes, this is the same state that doesn’t patch their roads, that has a 7 year waiting list for housing assistance, that literally fired every state employee as of last Sunday night at midnight because they used every dollar they had in the budget (not to worry, they raised taxes four hours later and put everyone back to work), but they had money to fund Operation Can Scam. I hear there was a Seinfeld episode about this. Is that more of a Kramer scam, or a George scam? I don’t know, I didn’t exactly follow the show about nothing. Maybe Lake can shed some light on the details.

Hell, if you can clear mid six figures doing this, there are going to be a lot more brothers that understand that kind of “living green” than are willing to drive a hybrid.