Feds to Americans: Our Money’s Funny and Our Credit Won’t Get It


Daaaayum son.  This damn financial crisis has finally bubbled over to a level I can’t accept.  I spoke to my boys today in NYC, both bankers, and neither could guarantee me a spot at TenJune upon my next trip to the city.  As such, this was the conclusion I came to with regard to our financial solvency going forward:

Oh well, since shit aint going right, I figured I’d double down on Aubrey O’Day pictures.  Here she is with her allegedly lesbo girlfriend Lydia Hearst at a photo op errrr in the club having an unstaged good time with her closest friends.

Interesting faux dack work.

Ha, why not?  Can I ask women why yall rock that flesh color lipstick?  It’s rarely a good look.  As for this Lydia Hearst chick.  I’m told she’s some sort of Paris Hilton-like heiress.  No wonder Aubrey is sidling up to her.  Oh and my research tells me she’s a model too.

Sheeeeeit, this chick seems like fun.  Plus she’s got loot?  We’ll have to keep our eyes on her.

Shout out to MRod for the pics.  Good lookin’.

– Lake

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12 Responses to “Feds to Americans: Our Money’s Funny and Our Credit Won’t Get It”

  1. SMH Says:

    Aubrey is on the new complex cover as well http://www.complex.com/blogs/2008/09/17/aubrey-oday-covers-our-october-issue/

    it looks like she’s going for a porn star look

  2. SMH Says:

    I should have had more faith and read the whole blog.

  3. okolepuka Says:

    Aubrey O’Day? Never heard of her. She is way too skinny for me, I can’t get into that sickly look.

  4. okolepuka Says:

    Speaking of Alan Greenspan, I sometimes wish he would just STFU. I hate to see his mug on TV when times are bad, as the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve he should treat it like a former President and not get involved. He had his chance, now STFU while we take care of this mess.

    He is becoming a national scold, and very annoying.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    okolepuka, Danity Kane my man…That Making the Band aint banned out in Utah, right?

  6. lindy Says:

    Get used to it, we are fucked. Our kids are going to be immigrating to China to work…paybacks are a bitch!

  7. okolepuka Says:

    Never watched it. I started my own business about four years ago, have been working my ass off, and have been pretty much out of the loop on most pop culture. I sound like an idiot, I know.

    After I read your post I googled Danity Kane and like what I heard.

    Still, that girl is too skinny. She needs to eat a little more to round herself out a bit.

    @Lindy-Yea, I know, but I hate to see his mug on TV rubbing it in, making these bold statements about just how fucked we are. He had his chance to run things and now he is using his position to be a national scold. Fuck his old ass, go back to your Manhattan apartment and drink yourself to sleep while the rest of us work our asses off trying to stay afloat.

  8. lindy Says:

    Okolepuka Guess what? I live in Draper Utah, aren’t you here too and I work my ass off at two jobs now since the contractor I worked for in Herriman went bankrupt

  9. okolepuka Says:

    @Lindy-Yea, I am up in Park City, I used to be in the Ogden area, before that Vegas. Herriman is taking a big hit with the housing market dropping, I have no idea how that area is going to stay afloat. there was so much money dumped into the Herriman area that just went away, just like that, it is going to take years to rebound.

    The Park City area is doing well with the high dollar homes, but the lower and middle level homes are not moving at all. We still have a lot of construction with the resorts and The Canyons is booming right now with condos being built at the base. You should check out this area to see if you can get in with one of the big condo builders.

    Everyone is working their ass off right now and we, Utah, still have one of the best economies in the nation, can you imagine how shitty it would be in some of the more depressed states?

    If I hear of any hirings up here I will post it for you, but all the contractors and subcontractors I know are pretty nervous right now.

  10. lindy Says:

    Okelepuka, thanks for that. Every day I pay my bills and have some jingle left in my pocket is a good day

  11. Stizzo Says:

    okelepuka i’m really high right now but wasn’t alan greenspan like invented economics and fortune named him person of the century or something

  12. Ian M. Summers Says:

    Yes. That’s exactly right.

    You are really high right now.

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