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Man Up Monday: Hillary Clinton

May 12, 2008

HIllary.  Stop, please just stop.  Fine, you’re tough.  You are going hard.  I know, there isn’t a nominee yet, so the game isn’t over.  The problem is, you are just making yourself look crazy, desperate, and the people around you are starting to look like complete fools.  First, you were just going to steal the Super Delegates by cashing in all of Bill’s chips.  Then you want to count Michigan and Florida, one state where you were the only person on the ballot, and another state where people were told votes don’t count before the election.  First you were down with delegates, then the super delegates, then big states, then some imaginary delegate count that your people made up.  The funny thing is, whenever you make up a new standard, Barack ends up beating it. This weekend I heard you try to say how important West Virginia is in the election.  “No president has been elected since 1920 without winning West Virginia.”  Sure, that could mean that it is an important state, orrrrrrrrr, it could mean that WV goes which ever way the wind blows and doesn’t mater at all.

So HIllary, remember the last person who couldn’t drop out of the race?

Right.  Remember how stupid he looked?

The worst part is, now HIllary is just saying stupid shit.

On Friday, she said her base was “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans”.  What?  Hillary, let me tell you how the English language works.  When you speak in phrases like that, it means you are redefining the previous phrase.  So that means that “hard-working Americans” and “white Americans” are synonymous.  Which is to the exclusion of everyone else.  Which is also code for “You know Barack is Black, right”?  Even old school Clinton devotee Charlie Rangel had to say, “That is one of the dumbest things she could have said”.

HIllary, you are always talking about how tough you are.  You’ve wanted to show that you can play as hard as the guys.  You want to show you can fight and scrap with anyone from Chris Dodd to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Well it is time for you to Man Up!

That means to step down while you’ve still got some dignity.  It is like a UFC match, Barack has you in a tight arm lock.  You don’t need to get your arm broken to prove you are tough.  There is dignity in saying you’ve been beaten by the better competitor.

Man Up…and please do it soon.


Super Tuesday Update

February 5, 2008


Super Tuesday is in full effect and as predicted, the Democrats are in a full on slugfest.  Right now Obama has Illinois, Georgia, Delaware, Alabama and is looking strong in North Dakota of all places.  Clinton is projected to win New York, Jersey, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  But with delegates being split by percentage, the delegate count is going to stay close.


On the Republican side the big surprise is Huckabee is winning the Bible belt.  Bama, Arkansas, and West Virginia are already in his pocket.  This dude just said that he is going to pin a “going out of business” sign on the IRS.  I mean he goes hard.  Tim Russert said that he wants to show John McCain that he would be a great VP because he is “doing the Lords work” in the south.


I guess Guns, Jesus, and no taxes still plays in the Dirty South.  McCain sill still have a commanding lead when all is said and done, but Huckabee is certainly an interesting foil for a man who they say isn’t conservative enough.  Meanwhile, this man Romney is becoming irrelevant very quickly.  Tough.

How the hell do they make these projection calls anyway.  Especially five minutes after the polls close?  Then in other races, like Connecticut where Obama was up 75% early they hold off on making the call.

I still think Obama has it, we will see what happens in California.


If you smeeeeelllllllllll la la la la la ooooowwww, what Barack….is cookin’.