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Made in China? Watch yo ass…

August 28, 2007


Damn China, I remember the good old days when America could get some good cheap toys, grade F dog food, and cheap clothes and sleep well at night. Now, we don’t know what the hell to do. First, you start killing dogs and cats with dysentery or some kind of BS in the food. Now there is that minor issue with lead paint (who the hell still uses that? Seriously, when were those toys made 1950?) in toys for kids, then we find out that every Dora, Elmo and Sesame Street toy shorter than 4 inches is leaded. Good thing you didn’t do it on the two most popular kids characters ever and in a size that kids wouldn’t put in their mouth. As*holes.


By the way, I’ve got my eyes on those Olympics too. I’ve seen the smog in China. I hear you are going to simply shut down and tell everyone to stay home for 3 months. Ahhh, the beauty of Communism. You better hope the winds are blowing the other way during the three weeks of the Olympics, or some Croatian steeplechase runner is going to keel over with the damn iron lung. If you don’t clean it up, the official song of the Olympics is going to be Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday, maybe that kid is a modern day Nostradamus, predicting the future. That stadium looks hot though. I just hope that someone can actually see it when the time comes. Oh, and don’t count on Americans watching it on TV, no matter how many of those corny profiles Bob Costas does.