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F*ck with Lake Day: The Lake is an A$$hole edition

October 6, 2007

So I put together this great breakdown of the Johnny Fairplay incident, and this cat Lake just goes ahead and jacks my story!  So here’s what we’re gonna do.  I’m posting mine and we’ll let the readers decide who’s is better.  We already know who the ladies like more (If you could start marking the personal messages NSFW I’d appreciate it…thanks ladies), now let’s see who’s funnier.  I’m declaring October 6, 2007 as War on Lake Day.  You better come strapped homey!

Here’s the article.  Vote in the comments. Here’s the link to Lake’s original effort.

Whack on Whack Crime: When Losers Attack

Oh this is great.


Johnny Fairplay, professional a$$hole, famous for pretending like his grandmother died on Survivor: Pearl Islands to get a competitive edge, was doing his shtick at the Fox Reality awards when the equally unstable Danny Bonaduce hit the stage to let him know that people really don’t like him.

That fall is exactly what you don’t want. (unless you are watching it on YouTube, then it is exactly what you do want.) But only a pretty uncoordinated dude actually doesn’t have the reflexes and physical wherewithal to catch himself before his teeth hit the stage.


I guess Danny wanted to let people know that he wasn’t the fresh faced kid that everyone remembers from the Partridge Family. Danny flexed on ’em afterward too while Fairplay promptly exited out the back.

Danny looks like he might be on that Barry Bonds, Carrot Top program though.


So apparently Fairplay has to have three teeth replaced and wants to sue. Interesting legal question…when a grown man straddles and humps you (unsolicited contact if I’ve ever heard it) what level of force are you allowed to use before you are the one charged with assault? When I saw Danny get my man up in the air, I thought he was about to go for the Undertakers ‘Last Ride’. It could have been waaaaaaay worse. Plus Fairplay has been recorded putting sh*t in people’s bed, getting drunk and violent, having sex with Tonya from Real World [NSFW, or for sexual relations for that matter], so he clearly has no limit to what he is capable of and little regard for himself or the welfare of others. I’d throw his ass too.


Damn homey, on Survivor you were the man homey!!!

October 4, 2007

What the f*ck happened to you?


Damn, one of my favorite villains from Survivor, Johnny Fairplay, got worked over by Danny Bonaduce at the Reality TV Awards (what?). Anyway, the whole exchange is hilarious, but just watch how that cat Fairplay walks off the stage.. Classic!!!

Freaking hilarious.


How many times did you see that exact same scene in High School, Class Clown v. Class Dick.


Winner by knockout, the Dick. Supposedly Fairplay is “pressing charges” whatever that means. I guess that’s the opposite of the “stop snitchin” campaign. Anyway, here is the aftermath of it all with Fairplay talking about his injuries and wild Danny Bonaduce saying he was only defending himself.

Good luck with that defense. Hilarious, all around.

– Lake (laughing)