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Barack Obama rolls to 10 straight wins

February 20, 2008

Now I’m pissed off at my Duke Blue Devils because you know I wanted to ask who is hotter, Barack or Duke… Oh well, you can’t win them all. Well, unless you’re Barack of late. This cat is murdering Hillary Clinton.


Indeed, last night Obama took Wisconsin and Hawaii taking his win streak to 10 primaries straight since Super Tuesday.


Meanwhile, Hillary is in a must win situation in Texas and Ohio. Both her number 1 and 2 campaign aides are gone. Honestly, I think the decision to make Bill “chill” was a mistake. It’s the same error the Al Gore camp made back during Election 2000 when they tried to distanced themselves from Bill Clinton. Bill may be somewhat divisive and some hate him for sure, but Billy C is a political monster who could really help Hillary right now. You all know UvT supports Barack, so there’s no question that we’re happy with this development. I’m not sure what Hill’s got up her sleeve, but she better do it quickly.


B, watch out homey…

– Lake

Super Tuesday solved nothing

February 6, 2008

It’s still a fist fight between Barack and the Hill/Bill show.


We’ll see what happens next. On to Texas and Ohio.

Hillary strikes back & Mitt who?

January 9, 2008

You just knew young Hilly had more fight in her than to just lay down and let Barack run all over her twice in a row.


No, question, Hillary won a hard-fought victory in New Hampshire, but she had to pull out all the stops with Bill in corner.


Honey had to go sensitive.


Then she relied on Billy C, a dude I actually like a lot, to get gangsta with it as he attacked Barack Obama’s message as a “fairy tale.”


Hmm… It’s tough. I own know. We shall see. On to South Carolina to see whether Black voters will turn out for Barack or follow their pastors to the ballot box for Hillary and big machine Democratic politics. Interesting stuff.

Oh yeah, then there is the Ken Doll Mitt Romney. He lost again and John Mac won. I know, I know, you’re just waiting for that Utah primary.


Mitt, you lost in Iowa AND New Hampshire despite spending the most money of all the candidates. Do me a favor, suck less.

– Lake

Ladies roundup: Good girls, bad girls

August 30, 2007

A few of you have emailed me about Rihanna and her alleged sexual relationship with Transformers star, Shia LeBeouf.


Well, my first statement is that if she was going to go YT, she should have gotten with the baddest white dude of all times….no not Justin Timberlake, ME, Lakey the Don!!! Anyway and let me just say that I’ve always thought Rihanna was with white dudes. Just look and I’ve said this before, SHE CAN’T DANCE. That certainly is some white folks stuff. Whatev, do what you want to do is all I can say. If you want to enjoy a Hollywood lifestyle, you gotta sample the Hollywood white man. “You go gurl” ahnt.

The next order of business is Ciara. Hey, I’ve always thought she was fine, but I usually end up looking more at her background dancers than her. Unlike Rihanna, Ci Ci can shake a leg (and a tail), but something about her just never really clicked for me. I don’t know, maybe it was the Lil Bow Wow affiliation. Well, anyway, those reservations ended when I saw this picture the ‘nother day.


Wow, very impressive. Particularly in her “lower register”.. I can’t lie, seeing this pic forced me to look a bit closer at the rest of her.


Oh yes, that wig piece is looking just about right. Hey, I’m a hair dude and enjoy some purty hair. I realize that it’s unrealistic for celebrities and entertainers to go without weave, but I still appreciate that her hair looks good. I’m feeling this. One more…


Oh damn, Ciara and Eve… hmm, Eve looks pretty good next to Ci Ci, looking all legit and dignified. I gotta hand it to Eve, she’s really cleaned herself up and is a far cry from some of her thug chicken female rapper counterparts like Remy Ma and Foxy Brown. Not only that, but Eve was a stripper back in the day and thus, has the sex tape (which I’m told you can see right HERE) and the lesbian shots on stage (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) to prove it.


Finally we come to the good girls (or so we think), Vanessa and Angela Simmons from Run’s House fame. Ok, I like these girls, but I have a few questions and comments. Question, is Vanessa always going to use that exact same pose, with that exact same face for the rest of her modeling/acting and probably one day singing/rapping career? Dear, you’re a beautiful girl and seemingly cool… I enjoy the show. Expand your game though. And Angela. Again, cool girl and I love her, but that belly simply aint looking right in this pic and if that’s your real haircut, I’ll reverse myself from above and state that you should go out not now, but RIGHT NOW,get a weave and put it into action!!!

Finally and I won’t spend too much of my time on this, but I’ll just say, I don’t know exactly what Bill Clinton is looking at in this picture, but I’m fairly certain that Jesse Jackson is getting that oh so perfect, sittin on high, lookin down lo, side view angle on Oprah’s tailpiece.


I mean, any dude with  a modicum of appreciation for the female anatomy, especially the backside, understands what Jesse is doing right there and yes, it’s hilarious!!!

– Lake