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‘Roid Landis gets jacked for his Tour win

September 20, 2007

Cyclist Floyd Landis just was just stripped of his Tour De France victory because they found abnormally high amounts of testosterone in his blood stream. What?


I thought cheating was a prerequisite in cycling. While we’re at it, why does anyone care anyway, IT’S CYCLING. I haven’t cared about a damn bike race since I was 11 years old and crossed over to the mopad. I mean, is there anything less interesting than seeing some cats riding on a street that I know nothing about over a time period I can’t determine? I know, I know, the mountains are the most treacherous feat in all of sports. Who cares? I don’t want to watch it and since I assume they all cheat anyway, I certainly don’t want somebody getting jacked up for doing what everyone else does.


I say let them all cheat and force them to pop wheelies and knock each other off the bikes.


Then you’d have something. Next.

– Lake