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UvT Sports: The Cocks Can’t Be Beat

September 19, 2007


The Ol’ Ball Coach has his South Carolina Gamecocks at 3-0 right now and ranked #12.  He has stated that he is trying to win the SEC this year so that he can build a new stadium in wherever the hell the South Carolina Gamecocks play, out by the crick, in front of the ole Molasses factory, up in the cotton field, wherever.  Here’s the great part.  Spurrier is calling out Lee Corso to make it happen.  Watch him lay Corso out on Gameday:

Corso called him out, and Spurrier is fighting back.  Here’s my thing, Corso had to know that was coming?  He had no response?  He didn’t have a stupid hat to put on?  He makes himself look like an idiot.  Especially since South Carolina won that game too.

Steve Spurrier likes to put teams on notice that he will come and beat you no matter who you are or where you play.  He’s already taken out the Georgia Bulldogs, but let’s see what happens when he rolls all that Shat talkin’ into Baton Rouge against LSU on Saturday.

By the way, Saban is 3-0 in Bama too.  We’ll see when the conference schedules start…