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Curses!…Will Madden Strike Again?

August 27, 2007


Madden 2008 launched last week as fanboys struggled to figure out why they spent another $50-$60 on the same game that came out last year. Sure, the rosters are updated, but with your system connected to the internet, you can get the same thing. They’ve taken Tiki off of the Giants, Reggie Bush won’t be hamstrung with rookie stats. Fine, you get “special attributes” for your players, Payton is smart, Larry Johnson will bowl your ass over, and Ray Lewis will read your play if you run the same thing over and over again…great.

The only thing Madden is good for these days is predicting who is going to get faded during the football season. This year’s lucky victim?


None other than Vince Young. Vince, have you looked at history? Let’s work backwards…

2007 Shawn Alexander – Broken Foot, missed 6 starts and never did much for the rest of the season.

2006 Donovan McNabb – Sports Hernia during the ’06 season, and a blown knee in ’07.

2005 Ray Lewis – This is a back to the future curse, I don’t know how this cat made the cover after the murder case, but he did. Actually, Ray is the only argument in recent history that the curse isn’t real.

2004 Mike Vick – Well damn. Does it get worse? Anyway, he actually broke his leg this season too. He apparently also drowned a pitbull while he was rehabbing.

2003 Marshall Faulk – missed five games with an ankle injury.

2002 Daunte Culpepper – hurt for the season in week 11, when he injured his back.

2001 Eddie George had his worst season ever.

Do I need more? In fact, perennial fantasy first pick LaDainian Tomlinson is said to have turned down the cover just to avoid the curse. Good luck Vince!