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The Dumbization of America

September 5, 2007

So here is the current front page of


Now you know that UvT likes the Philipino Prison dancers as much as the next guys.  But front page news?  This isn’t news.  The Jena Six, that is news.  The Presidential Election is news.  Hell, I’ll even take hurricanes at this point.  There is even a video feature on this story.  Yeah, they don’t mention that these guys are probably forced to perform, or else they get caned.  The only people who are excited are the she-males that now have the opportunity to live out their broadway fantasies in the prison break room.  If you mess up a step do they drop your ass in the “hole”?  Who is the choreographer, Laurie Ann?  I don’t see much Boom Boom cack, but there is plenty “gotcha gotcha”.

Oh, and if you need to see this ridiculous picture closer up…it is even worse than you thought it was.


Is that lipstick?  Are those jazz hands?  Dammit.