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Brady Quinn right on schedule!

July 8, 2007

to be a BUST!!! No question, Bust Watch is officially on and it’s awesome to see it all unfold.


Yes indeedy, come 2010 B dot Quinn will be the official leader and heart and soul of the Colorado Crush in Arena Bowl 5 or whatever it is. What kind of progress has he made to that end? Well, he picked right up where he left off at Notre Dame, proving he can’t hack it with elite athletes. Our spies over at Brown mini-camp say ole Brady is putting far more passes on the ground than he is in anyone’s hands. Lucky for him, there’s no contact for the QBs. Not yet.


Add to that that he’s still trying to work out a deal so he can be paid like someone taken in the top 5 rather than at No. 22 and you have your perfect debacle brewing. So good, so so good. And what has Brady struggled with, das right, accuracy. From what we hear, he’s trying to compete with the legendary Ken Dorsey for the 3rd string QB slot and this fool said he wanted to come right in and start.. puh-lease!

No word on whether he’s still with ole girl, Lindy Slinger. I think he definitely needs a lil Kim Kardashian, or maybe a hot cougar like Carmen Electra or Pam Anderson.. somethin’.



Sorry B, Lindy just aint cutting it. She does look fit though. I’ll give her that.