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Halo 3 Midnight Madness: You’re Still Dorks

September 26, 2007

Halo 3 dropped for the XBox 360 last night. I saw yellow Best Buy bag packing fan boys strolling through the streets of New York city last night to rush home and fire up their XBox Live accounts and start slinging anonymous racist insults at each other. Grown men, teenagers, and college students shut it down today to run through solo mode and start the competition to become the biggest badass in multiplayer.


(Is it really that serious bruh?)

Let’s see, we are at 24 hours after launch, so there are a few hundred thousand stinking, non-shower taking Spartans learning how to pwnzor ur n00b a55. I’ll admit, after 24 hours there are people playing this game right now who are already better than I would ever be even if I took are year to practice. I’d whoop that ass in Mortal Kombat II though. I was unconscious in 1998. Plus, Halo inspires people to do this, so it can’t be all bad.

This is the game Microsoft is banking on to push those XBox 360’s over the edge. They are already running into problems with scratched disks, as well as the dreaded recall-worthy red ring of death (the XBox 360 version of the Windows Blue Screen of Death). If you don’t know, it means that every early XBox 360 will break eventually. Not some, not most, ALL OF THEM. That’s crazy. But Microsoft is manning up and paying for all of them to be fixed.

Bottom line, Halo is a billion dollar franchise. Prepare to see all the articles about how video games are where all the the movie and music dollars are going and how this would be the biggest movie launch ever…if…it…were…a…movie. At $60 a pop, that probably isn’t a fair comparison. That is a 6 to 1 advantage.


Yeah, Master Chief makes that LOOT. But ringing the bell at the Nasdaq, that’s a little ridiculous.

Have fun fellas, this is the best game you’ll see for a loooong time. The well is a little dry after Gears, Bioshock and Halo.

Keep stacking that cash and keep your pimp game tight Bill Gates. Strike that pose.