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She’s Still Got It: Mya in a Bikini

July 8, 2008

I’m sure many of you saw this from back in the day, but I just have an appreciation for Mya, so I had to go ahead and post it up.

Now she may have lost a step or two in tightness, but with that smooth body and her natural sex appeal, she can still get you 15 points and 8 boards a night and that’s really all you need from a vet, right? Angle two please:

Oh for sure… there’s still some fight in her yet. One week of pilates and she’s back at that surprises me with her thickness phase she first hit me with in that video, “It’s All About Me”… In fact, let’s run that.

Dude I remember sitting back like, “ummm, is that what I think I see on that skinny lil girl”… Yes it was.

I like it. And we’re peeping ole girl in the off season, let us not lose sight on the relevant history on the matter.

And that turn around, fall away jumper?

BANG! Oh yes, she’s still got it. We Love Mya…

– Lake

Halloween Hangover

November 3, 2007

Superthick chick Melyssa Ford had her Halloween/Birthday party on Halloween night and here are pics from the party.  Let’s see what the D-List was wearing.


Melyssa went as a member of the Camel Toe Racing team.  Nice.


Golden Brooks is trying to let the Dancing With the Stars Has Beens people know that she is available for next season.


I don’t know who this chick is, but Hocahontas will always be welcome at UvT.  She just wanted everyone to know that she has that Indian Hair.  ha!


Once again evidence that Halloween is just an excuse to get as naked as possible.  Is that giraffe?


I fight broke out and someone had to call the Holice.


Now this is a disappointment.  Mya usually delivers, but this is a lackluster effort from her.  She was about to get a profile as one of the UvT faves based on the strength of her King Magazine appearances alone.  Let’s try another angle.


Oh damn, that’s worse.  Yeesh.  She’s gonna have to take a lap on this one before she gets front page status here.  Get your game tight.  Try to capture the magic of a few years ago when you put on this show.


Booty clutched tight like Britney on that one.


The legendary thighs…  Now when I said take a lap I didn’t mean a lap dance, but I’ll take it.

Anyway, there ware some dudes at the party too.  Let’s not leave them out.  I think this guy should win costume of the night.  This cat dressed up as Rog from “What’s Happening?”.


Man, he looks just like him.  Ha!

This guy had an interesting costume:


He went as a dude who just played himself for the rest of his life.