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Miss Puerto Rico: Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot…

December 7, 2007

This is a good one that is spinning out of control. The winner of the Miss Puerto Rico contest, Ingrid Marie Rivera, is claiming that her fellow contestants tried to sabotage her by putting pepper spray in her makeup and bathing suit.


She claims that she was backstage with her face and cho cha burning up complete with ice packs and cortisone shots. But, uhhhh, no one saw that. Oh, and the police saw no evidence of pepper spray in her clothes or makeup. First of all, why didn’t the lab check for other things? Could it have been cayenne pepper? Good old fashioned joke itching powder? Second, was Ingrid chopping jalapenos for her post crowning dinner later that day?  You put some contacts in or give your self some pre-contest self satisfaction and you’ll be in trouble. Maybe she just had a bad case of the bubble guts.

By the way Ingrid Marie, here is what you look like when you get pepper spray on your face:


Look we normally wouldn’t gave this much attention. These are usually the only kind of hot pants we usually cover:


But we heard scandal and Puerto Rican beauty queens and couldn’t resist. To be honest, we were a little disappointed. We were hoping that the Miss Puerto Rico contest would at least have a little resemblance to the Puerto Rican Day Parade out in NY.


Hell, it seems like any one of these babes could’ve won to me. Was there a “drop a club pose in the middle of the street” competition between swim suit and the interview? No? Should’ve been.

Oh and speaking of the swimsuit competition, the standard issue suit should look like this:


Muy caliente.

So it looks like Ingrid either bent the truth or imagined the whole thing. Does that make her a liar, liar, pants on fire?