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Oh hell no: Racist Obama T-Shirts in NYC

July 17, 2008

Look, I don’t advocate violence.  Well, actually I do.  But this cat right here, Apollo Braun, who is selling these T shirts out of his Manhattan store, YES, I said Manhattan, as in, NEW YORK CITY, needs a chin-checking.

This is what this cacksucker had to say about his “design”:

For a lot of people, when they see Obama, they see a slave. People think America is not ready for a black president.  I can’t stand Obama,   That’s the only thing I like about him is that he’s black. He opens the door for other minorities.  He reminds me of Adolf Hitler.  He’s a Muslim.

This cat Apollo is Israeli born and obviously doesn’t quite get this whole race in America thing.  Oh but he’s gonna learn and my guess is that he’ll learn very quickly.  This aint the West Bank where you can just roll a tank over a dude with hate in his heart and a rock in his hand.  You fuck around like this and cats will legitimately fuck you up.

That was a WILD video by the way.

I can’t believe ANYBODY, let alone this Olive Oil looking mufucker would have the balls to peddle these shirts in NYC of all places.  And yes, so dumb ass grad student got her ass beat and spit on (good) for rocking the $69 “Obama Is My Slave” shirt.  Now it’s one thing to sell the shirts, but who actually buys these joints?  And if you buy one, what would make you think you could EVER actually rock the thing?  I hate to say it, but it must be a foreign cat who either doesn’t speak the language or who literally doesn’t know anything about America, right?

And the New Yorker thought that people would get the “irony” of their cover.

We would hope that the American public would get that it’s satire.  Right, that’s why the “American Public” reelected Bush and is apparently rolling around with Obama Slave shirts.  Idiots.  He’s got other ones in his store too:

“Jews Against Obama”

“Obama = Hitler”

“Who Killed Obama”

Jesus.  I just hope for his sake that he just catches that stiff ass whoopin, lest I have to start marketing my own pre shrunk vintage cotton crew neck tee with this cat’s picture and the inscription:

“Who Killed This Stupid Mufucka” on the front and “Who Gives a Shit” on that back. Ya dig?

And while we’re at it, “Apollo”?  All I know is this fool best throw in the towel.

Just fucking terrible, top to bottom and proof positive that some things just can’t be talked or reasoned out.  Civility can only take you but so far.

– Lake

Republicans Stoop To A New Low…AGAIN

June 13, 2008

I continue to try and convince my friends that these Republicans are friends of no one, but here’s their latest bullshit tactic to try and dirty up Barack Obama, a mufucka who is objectively better than nearly all of them.

Right, if you can’t beat him, make disrespectful and racist (I know, I know, it’s not racist and I must be the one who is racist if I see it that way..right) references to the man’s wife, who is also better and more competent than 99.9% of you as well. And then look who is doing the talking. A sold Asian broad, with inferior credentials, who lies for a living.

Fox News is such a joke. Only an idiot would actually watch that foolishness and truly regard it as real news. Meanwhile, the Republican who runs changes, but the tactics never do.

All these assholes are the same. Time to run ’em up out of here too.

– Lake

HillBilly Triumphs in West Virginia!

May 14, 2008

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It’s not like we didn’t expect this to happen, but the born again beer drankin’, tobaccy chewin’, tractor drivin’, muskrat and raccoon broilin’ man errr wo-man of the people New Day HillBilly C won in West Virginia by HUGE margins today.

It’s funny how some of these pundits are characterizing Obama’s loss in West Virginia as a “weakness”. Right, like a black dude was ever going to get that ignant hick vote anyway. If by “highlighting his weakness” they mean remaining African American, then yes, the loss in West Virginia highlights a weakness he shares with roughly 15% of the American population. Thanks for that information.

It’s a nice win for HillBilly C and yet another hilarious step in her full transformation from out of touch “elite” of Wellesley College and Yale Law School to a dumbed down “Hil-ry” the barely literate, tobaccy spittin’ cable gal from the sticks.

Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaw! Winning states that matter not iz soooo fun. Git er dun. Oh and you know I just couldn’t resist hooking up the sole best feature of West Virginia. Dasrite (ha) “Country Roads Take Me Home” the West Va. anthem must run now.

It really is a great song though. “Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye” indeed.

– Lake

You Know What’s Messed Up?

April 29, 2008

In the Disney universe there is Pluto, Mickey’s loyal dog and pet.  Standard dog, walks on all fours, wears a collar, eats dog biscuits.

But then…there’s also Goofy.

Who is also a dog, also Mickey’s friend, but he walks on to legs and talks, and wears clothes.  In this world, they are all walking, talking animals…why did Pluto catch the short end of the stick?

In fact the whole thing is kinda freaky.  Mickey has no shirt, Donald has no pants.  Is Mickey a big ass Mouse, or is Goofy a tiny talking dog?  Either way, that ain’t right.

The Thundercats, they were fair.

Sure, Cringer didn’t get any clothes or a weapon, but at least he could talk.  It would be like Battlecat from He-Man being a part of the crew and instead of rolling out into battle, Lion-O just rode him (no felino) instead of jumping into the Thundertank.

See, that wouldn’t be right.  They’re all cats, you can’t just pick one to use like a damn horse.  That’s racist.  So Pluto, I got your back.  We’re gonna fight for equal rights.  I’m getting “Free Pluto” T-Shirts made up and we’re going to win this battle…then we’re going to South Carolina, and Oklahoma, and Arizona, and North Dakota, and New Mexico, and we’re going to California, and Texas and New York and Michigan…Then we’re going to Washington D.C. to take back the White House….Yaaaaaaaahhhhhh!


Yes, I’m tired and on the verge of losing my mind.  Back to sports, Assology and my new studies in Tailonomics later.

Dress Codes are a Mothaf*cka!

April 25, 2008

You know what I hate? Dress codes. You know dress codes are racist, right?

Here’s an example of the dress code for Lucky Strike, which is a f’ing bowling alley…a little full of itself, right? Check it out.

No Sweats or Sports Jerseys

No Sleeveless or Excessively Baggy T-Shirts

No Construction Boots

No Headgear (which I assume means hats and not those things Lake had to wear in high school)

(If you didn’t get the point the first time) No Excessively Baggy Clothing

No Plain White Short or Long Sleeve T-Shirts

No Chains

No team logos or gear

Listen, I’m down with no shirt, no shoes, no service rules all day. If you roll into a spot looking like you are about to chill by a pool or step into the Octagon, I don’t want your half naked ass anywhere near me, so I can handle that. I also understand hitting a nice restaurant in flip flops, jeans and the grubby ass t-shirt you got for signing up for a credit card in high school. Those are wide open rules that can be pretty evenly applied. The rules here though…they might as well say “don’t dress like a Black person.”

Case in point. Let’s do a little multiple choice. All three of these people are technically breaking the rules. Who isn’t getting in the club?

Sorry buddy. Long sleeve white T…not getting in. Yeah right.

Excuse me miss. No short sleeve white t’s. I’m afraid you and your headlights are not welcome here.

Excuse me sir. You appear to be a menace to society. Please bowl elsewhere. Seriously. This young brother doesn’t have a chance. He’s not getting in. Meanwhile Ms Pam Anderson up there is probably the most inappropriate of the three. Meanwhile all three of them supposedly wouldn’t get in. You know good and damn well that the “no white t-shirt” rule does not apply to the fitted crew neck Brad Pitt is rocking. It just doesn’t. So why is it there? Because black people like to wear plain white t-shirts and this is a way to keep them out. At the door Brad isn’t getting a second look.  Not never.

Let’s take another look. Dress codes are designed to keep a place looking good right? Keep the place looking respectable, keep it grown and sexy. I get that. So, these guys are basically the epitome of people who aren’t getting in to this spot.

Let’s see, headgear, Excessively baggy shirts and excessively baggy clothing, and chains. Not getting in. But this guy:

Come on in buddy. Those pink crocs really bring out the orange spots in your daisy shorts.

Seriously. That outfit is all good according to this dress code. Birkenstock guy gets in too. As does douchebag overtanned big hair guy, and pop four collars guy.  All those guys are inappropriate as hell.

All I’m saying is this. You know good and damn well what the dress code is set up for. No one wants any of the people above in that club. But the rules don’t prevent them from getting in. “Excessively baggy” just means you get to make a judgment call at the door. When was the last time you saw a fat person in some tight ass gear? They like to keep it loose. Let the air flow.

So now fat people can’t get in? But this guy is sooooo jolly. Sorry big fella, your pants are too loose…I need to see those pants gripping up on those thigh rolls if you want to bowl here tonight. Of course not, this guy is going to get in too.

So fake bouncers at this fake ass club. Loosen up.


Keith Olbermann Rightly Calls Out Ferraro (and Hillary) For Racism

March 13, 2008

Keith it better than I ever could. Watch it:

Let me tell you right now, I am a New Yorker. I am a lifelong Democrat. I am damn near a GOP hater. I have supported Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill from jump. One more slight like this, one more comment, one more mysterious Barack in Muslim errr African garb picture and I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton if she turns out to be the Democratic Candidate! Moreover, I will campaign against her.


Oh yeah, Fuck Geraldine Ferraro!

– Lake

Defiant Ferraro Steps Down From Clinton Camp

March 13, 2008

That self described TOKEN of the 1984 Presidential Campaign (no wonder they lost) Geraldine Ferraro finally stepped down from Finance Committee of Hillary Clinton’s campaign today amid controversy surrounding her statement that Barack Obama wouldn’t be in the position he was today if he were a white man or a white woman.


You might think that after the firestorm she learned the error in her thinking or at very least, to shut the hell up, but the old bat continues to talk all kinds of shit.


Peep her latest parting shot after her announcement that she’s going to hit the fucking bricks:

“Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world, you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up. Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”

How’s that? I’ll tell you how that is. You’re a fucking idiot. That’s how that is. Really, anytime someone raises legitimate issues about Obama’s fitness to be the Party’s nominee, ANYTIME that happens (?), which is like, what, EVERY SINGLE DAY, that person is accused of racism?


I see. I guess that’s the whole Obama campaign strategy, since that “hollering racism trick” is so effective with 70% of the electorate. Riight, that makes perfect sense. Not only has Obama received more delegates, won more states and garned the overall popular vote to date, but he did it all because he’s a black man AND because of his highly sophisticated “accuse everyone of racism” strategy. Perfect reasoning from Mrs. Ferraro.


If your comments weren’t stupid, WRONG and racist, then why didn’t Hillary support what you said? Why hasn’t ANYONE supported what you said? Why is EVERYONE, black, white, brown and yellow criticizing your punk ass for your silly comments?


Geraldine, I know you think your stupid ass analogy about your lack of fitness as a Vice Presidential candidate gives you a free pass to opine on why Barack is where he is, but you’re just wrong. Again, just because you were an unqualified hack that made a good life out of a less than impressive resume, that doesn’t mean that an Ivy League educated, political super nova like Obama is afflicted with the same stench that kept your under qualified tail out of office.

Geraldine, I’ve listened to Obama speak, Obama was a friend of mine, Geraldine, YOU’RE NO OBAMA!!!


Hell, you’re no George Herbert Walker Bush, which is why he and ole Ronny Reagan cleaned your clock back in 1984. Is this what the Democratic Party is really about? Shit, I feel like Scarface sitting at the dinner table… “Is dis what it’s all about meng?”


I mean, maybe my boy Greg in VA (aka DHater for those of you who are up on the comments), a cat who I can’t believe is still a Black Republican after all this shit that’s gone on over the past 7 years, is right. Maybe these GOP cats and Democratic cats are all the same. As soon as these cats want to beat Obama, they resort to the same old trick. They insert race into the equation, which they know is a lose-lose a cat like Barack who is trying to avoid the fallout associated with his race and then accuse Obama of being racist toward them!!!!


How crazy is that? Obama rolls with a message of hope and change, they come out talking about how he wouldn’t be where he is but for his race, as if being black has been such a benefit in American society, and now he’s the one being racist? Riiight, the Obama campaign is attacking you because you’re white Geraldine. Exactly, because as white people in America, all we do is get wrongly persecuted because of our race!!!

I know, I know, Hillary didn’t ask you to step down, you just refused to allow the Obama campaign, with all their vicious and unwarranted race-based attacks on white people, to distract the voters from the core issues. Riiiight, this is all THEIR fault, not YOURS.


Get to steppin, chick!

– Lake

A&E loves racists, welcomes Dog back to work

February 20, 2008

Ones of people were shocked when Duane “Dog” Chapman and his skank wife were re-upped for their show Dog the Bounty Hunter after a three month vacation.


A&E said they were “pleased with Dog’s progress” after Dog used the N word several times in reference to his son’s black girlfriend.  Pleased with his progress? Doing what? I mean, how does someone become un-racist anyway? It kind of reminds me of Ted Haggard who first told us he wasn’t a Rule No. 1 violator until he finally admitted it.. Then homey comes back from anti-gay camp free and clear of sin?


Is that what Dog did? Suddenly, he’s going to be ok with one of his trailer trash daughters going out with black dudes? Come on. The show is trash and A&E clearly had this planned all along.  And isn’t it hilarious how the most uneducated, bullshit and poorest of white folks are the ones who are most racist?


I mean, where do these people get off talking shit about anyone, let alone some chick who happens to give Dog’s musty rag rat son a sniff.  I understand that A&E feels a need to appeal to that highly lucrative “hillbilly” market, but just tell me that, don’t come with this nonsense about his alleged progress.  Going on Larry King and some sold civil rights activist’s radio program is not progress, it’s following a script.


Fuck A&E and definitely fuck Dog, his wife, son and his bullshit ass show.

– Lake

Fuck Kelly Tilghman

January 24, 2008

I’ll say it again. Kelly Tilghman should have been fired for her lynch Tiger comment.


I’ve already said why before. Nobody that I know goes to a nice lynching joke over a beer or a bottle of bones farm, ok? Fuck her and fuck the Golf Channel that only gave her that perfunctory suspension after Al Sharpton made a little noise. It’s quite clear to me that language like that is acceptable to the Golf Channel, something that doesn’t surprise me in the least. On-air today, she said this:

I’m Kelly Tilghman. It’s an honor to be with you again,” she said. “In a recent live broadcast, I used an inappropriate word that was offensive to many. Over the last two weeks, I’ve taken this time to reflect and truly understand the impact of what I said. While I did not intend to offend anyone, I understand why those words were hurtful. I am terribly sorry for any hurt that I’ve caused. I would like to express my deepest apologies.”

If Tiger Woods would rather cash checks and pose with his wife, baby and two mutts instead of stand up and say unequivocally that what she said was unacceptable, that’s his business.


It doesn’t make it ok and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should all just let bygones be bygones. Tiger has a right to be gutless, shallow or self-interested (pick one or all three) if that’s his cup of tea, but people shouldn’t mistake his silence for acceptance of the remarks made by Tilghman or the actions taken in response by the Golf Channel.

Not good enough. Just bring me her head. Thanx.

– Lake

I repeat Kelly Tilghman should be FIRED!

January 17, 2008

Oh yes, I saw the cover of Golfweek with that little publicity grab.


Something tells me that some of these golf fans out here enjoyed that imagery a little more than they were supposed to. Anyway, nothing changes in my book. I agree that we should all just move on and I want to, believe me. I’ll move on when these fools at the Golf Channel take the high road and fire Kelly’s country fried ass for what she said about lynching Tiger Woods and no I don’t give a hot damn what his publicist said about it being a non issue. Shit, it’s an issue to me, so let Tiger do his thing while I do mine.


Remember, when it first came out that she suggested those other golfers lynch Tiger, the Gold Channel said they weren’t going to discipline her at all! I wonder why… Clearly that kind of language is acceptable over at the Golf Channel, perhaps even familiar?


Now they want points because under the threat of Al Sharpton’s rabble rousing they come out and give her a two week long vacation errr suspension with pay?


I know, I know, she meant nothing by it. Right and muthafuckas who roll around with swastikas don’t mean shit by what they do and say either.


In fact, let’s run that video back. I want to see that joint again.

What’s worse? If she meant to be a bit provocative and off color (no bigot)*** or if she said that and was oblivious to that fact that it was a deeply offensive, historically grounded remark that just so happened to intersect with the worlds first star black golfer? You see my point, either way she’s a mufucker. And does anyone in this world believe that a “southern bell” from Myrtle Beach SOUTH CAROLINA who is damn near 40 years old doesn’t know that lynching remarks are offensive?


Give me a break. The people out there that are saying it’s not that bad are either 1. unfamiliar with Southern culture or 2. accepting of overtly racist remarks. In other words, to all you Kelly Tilghman defenders, you either don’t know what you’re talking about and so I say, fuck you, or you DO know and just don’t give a fuck that she said that and then I really say, Fuck you.

Incidentally, now’s the time when you all should just put on Tupac’s hit “Git em Up (Take Money” to really understand where I’m coming from. In fact, I’ll just link that instrumental and keep going. Just hit play and keep reading.

Either way, like O Dog getting ready to go handle some marks where they rest at, I aint lettin that shit ride. Fuck Kelly Tilghman! I’d rather go to the Johannesburg, South African Grand Opening of The Great Debaters in a Dashiki with Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty than let that chick keep her job. I’d rather do the Soldier Bwoy (gay version) along side Trent Lott while we play weekend at Bernie’s with the hell crisp’d corpse of Strom Thurmond propped up in the DJ Booth with Kanye’s Stronger Shades on than let that chick get away with that shit!!!!


Kelly, take yo’ ass to Tar Baby’s Family Pancakes, order the Git Er Done Flap Jacks Supreme with extra syrup, eat em down real good, then shine that plate up real nice, be sure to get all that confectionary sugar too until it’s spic-n-span clean right, turn that plate sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!!! Can I get a “hell yeah” in two part harmony from Dr. Dre tweaking on HGH and my man Larry Zane in Manhattan as I say it again:

Fuck Kelly Tilghman.


– Lake

*** The parenthetical use of “(no bigot)” is when a person says something that might be considered playing on color or race, but it’s not. I borrowed it from the ubiquitous (no homo).. Which I never use but love to see used, especially by cats who are probably gay, like Cam’ron. Of course, like “no homo” the problem with “no bigot” is that if you’re using the term and recognize it as bigoted and still go forward, then you really are being bigoted, right? Then again, maybe I’ll just chuckle after I crack a hot racist blast and then Brock will only suspend me for 2 weeks like ole Kelly Tilghman got.