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Milton Bradley Has Got to Feel Like an Idiot

September 26, 2007

We’ve already established that baseball is not one of the highly regarded sports here at Us Versus Them. In fact, I still regard the time between the final buzzer of the NBA Finals and the first whistle in NFL preseason as the “Great Sports Drought” when SportCenter is literally unwatchable. (Although, not as unwatchable as the Spring and Summer of 1994 when baseball was on strike.) Leading stories were women’s golf, strongman competitions (where is Magnus Ver Magnusson? Why was he always there?) and NASCAR before people other than country hicks and Cwere watching it.

I really can’t watch it. There are way too many semi-overweight “athletes” in the sport, and I can’t take it when the Top 10 on SportCenter consists of homeruns that all look the same with the occasional interesting catch at shortstop. Plus, there are the stupid “rules” of Baseball, the bench clearing brawl, the revenge pitch inside when one of your guys gets hit with a pitch, the coach rant when there is a bad call. But Milton Bradley has taken the cake.

First of all, there is a “you can’t touch the ump” rule in full effect, so restraining Milton probably isn’t that necessary, and neither are his ridiculous histrionics. Second, his coach couldn’t hold the dude back if he really wanted to get with that ref. If you are really mad, you come with a bat in your hand like Jose Offerman. Then his coach does him in by twisting him to the ground using the same move Pedro used on Don Zimmer back in the Red Sox Brawl. (Oh god that video is great). The funny thing is that Milton doesn’t even play it off like he is okay until his gets to the back. He punks right out immediately. No limp, no walk it out, just pure grab the knee and roll on the ground. He has to be thinking “this is some bulls#it Illardo”

Torn ACL, out for the rest of the season with his team in the wild card race. That sucks.

Milton, next time, leave the fighting to kicking dust and arguing from afar. It’s not that serious homey.