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Bush is an International Playa

August 13, 2008

Is George Bush every going to leave the Olympics?  I know he’s basically a lame duck going into the November elections, but didn’t Russia just invade Georgia this week?  Even Condi Rice came off of vacay to try to help out.  Is anyone still putting $4 gas into their car?  Is he just hanging out with the people who lent us all the money to fund our war?  Anyway, Bush is still kicking it at the Olympics which means…more photo ops.  This guy is priceless.

First up.  Everyone is pissed that Oliver Stone’s new movie portray’s Bush as a wild frat boy.  He really does not deserve that reputation.

Way to throw em up George.  You’re like a rock and roll Uncle Sam.  Nice belt with the metal tips too.

I call this the “Holla at cha boy” picture.  Ol Gee Dub either is looking for a hug, or just scored a touchdown. By the way, this shot of Misty May just gave her 2 extra points in the Assology log.  She might end up as official UvT quality yet.  Her crease work is skrong.

Here’s the second pic in the “holla” series.  This one is more up close and personal.  He’s like “you know I’m a cowboy, Right?  Frum Texyus and ev-verythang.  I’d ride you like a little buckin’ bronco young lady.

Finally, I call this the “my Dad is an idiot” picture.

I don’t know what Dubya is doing, but it is clear Barbara is not feeling it.  She looks like she would rather be drinking with Jenna than sitting in the Olympics.


Misty May Treanor: George Bush Likes It

August 11, 2008

We’ve already asked whether Misty May Treanor is UvT Quality.  Apparently President Bush thinks voting is still open, because he went to check it out himself.

I think this is the first thing President Bush has done in a long time where we’re on the exact same page.  I’ve never seen anyone backhand dat ass before either.  I didn’t know one of the Powers of the Executive Branch was the ability to make a woman drop it like it’s hot on demand.  Hmmmmm.

Brock Hardon For President 2016.


Ian from the comments would like for us to mention how great May and Walsh are at beach volleyball.  Here is goes.  With Walsh’s length at the net at 6’2″ combined with May-Treanor’s uncanny ability to anticipate the angles for the dig on the defensive end.  This team has been dominating beach volleyball in an unprecedented manner truly elevating the sport.  Now Ian.  Explain to me why they play half buck naked and I’ll stop looking at ass everytime I watch beach volleyball.

This is Why Bush Got Re-Elected

July 3, 2008

America is the greatest country on earth, right? Yeah, this is your country…

Honestly, is there anyone on that show America’s Got Talent who actually has any talent? My dog has more talent than that entire judging panel and those guests. Just terrible dude.

– Lake

Jenna Bush Tied that Knot

May 13, 2008

I know I’m crazy late but I would be completely remiss if I didn’t comment on Jenna Bush’s wedding (shouts to Will) over the weekend. Now I can’t lie, typically my reaction to those aesthetically unappealing Bush babes looks something like this:

Though I do find that look in Babs’ eye somewhat appealing in this pic. But even I must say, after that wedding day diet plan, Jenna looked her best on Saturday.


So lovely. And look, she even took a picture in front of the tree her ancestors hung their naughty slaves from. How quaint. I don’t know, just seeing my little Jenna like this almost brings a tear to my eye. I remember her back in such a more simpler time.

Nah, I’m not talking about that. I’m was thinking of this:

“Babs, I think I just pissed myself, again….Haaaaa”

Ah yes, All American gals. It kind of makes you wonder, what with those TWO CRIMINAL MISDEMEANORS Jenna has on her record and all, whether she didn’t get caught snorting cocaine just like her dad back in the day.

Oh well. We’ll put that all behind us, right? I mean, how bad can a coke head President be for the country anyhow? Anyway, none of that matters now because we can all take heart in the fact that Jenna and Henry Hagar love each other for all the right reasons.

I’ll give them 9 years (and two kids) until it goes bad. After all, you’ve got to keep up appearances.

– Lake

The Hispanic Vote: Not Republican Anymore, Huh?

March 24, 2008

Oh I love it. Back in 2004 I always wondered why Hispanics voted for Republicans.


Viva Bush, remember? Hispanics were supposed to be voting the conservative party line because of their strong “family values” and strong Catholic faith. So here we are in 2008 and I haven’t seen one political discussion that even remotely discusses the “Hispanic Vote” as it pertains to Republicans.

Hillary is strong with Hispanics here, Barack has support there…McCain? Nothing. I wonder why that is?

Ooooohhhhhh, right. Bush wanted to build a wall between the US and Mexico and said “make sure you find your ass on the other side of it” when we get done building.


Yeah, that was messed up wasn’t it? Too bad that didn’t come out until his second term. Here’s my thing, why aren’t we building the “Great Wall of Canada” too? No problem with our neighbors to the North, eh? Isn’t it obvious that the brown people of the world are always going to catch the short end of the stick here in America? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go out like Jeramiah Wright on this one, but everything is just a little bit harder for us. Well, whatever it took mi hombres, glad to have you on the squad. It is about time you saw the light. I know you are still Hillary supporters…can’t come all the way over to the right side all at once, but we’ll take you anyway.

Now if we could just convince poor white people that Republicans aren’t looking out for them we’d be heading in the right direction.


Old Man McCain Gets The GOP Nomination

March 5, 2008

Well, well, well.. I guess in the interest of being fair and balanced (as if that exists anywhere) we should post on John McCain’s big win tonight. The very young John Mac went ahead and finally got that 1,191 delegate count needed to secure the Republican nomination.


And then Mike Huckabee conceded. Damn. I’m going to miss ole Huck. You know, with all his “we need to change the US Constitution to fit God’s law” and all those hunting and fishing photo ops. I kinda like the old coot. Who knows, maybe we’ll get him for a VP running mate.


Then we’ll really be able to get this thing poppin’….

Until then, we’ll see the standard payback by McCain for supporting his boy Dubyah.


I would say that Americans will never fall for Dubyah Bush part 2, but I know better. Hell, these idiot Republicans will tell you Bush has been a great President. What can you do? I’m beginning to believe these differences can only be decided by a civil war where I’m quite sure we’ll beat you suckers……AGAIN!


Yeeeee Hawww!

– Lake

Stupidity Defined: Ralph Nader is running for President…AGAIN

February 25, 2008

Can some of you Green Party kooks tell me why this idiot Ralph Nader is running for President again?


Does this guy want the Republicans to win that badly? I mean, what, does Nader sit around and think of different ways he can undermine his own stated political objectives?


“I know, why don’t we espouse a set of progressive policies, but instead of joining the side that is more sympathetic to our objectives, we’ll steal votes from them so that the group who couldn’t care less about the environment or anything else we say will win the White House, thus shitting on every single thing we strive for and believe in.”


Hell, that logic sounds eerily similar to George Bush’s plan for the War in Iraq. Maybe it’s true what they say. Maybe Nader really is just a pawn of the Republican party.


Hey, intentional or not, he certainly acts like one. Let me tell you this, if you’re a member of the Green Party who actually votes for the “Green” candidate, then you’re an asshole and an idiot. Hell, your smoldering stupidity is burning a second hole in the Ozone layer. Smarten up! But for you clowns, we never would have had to deal with The Worst President Ever!


And no, I will never forgive these fools for 8 years of “Dubyah” at the helm.

As for Nader himself, he’s completely useless to me. Actually, I’m lying a bit. I can’t lie, I almost joined the Green Party after I watched this hilarious interview he had with Ali G.

LOL.. Nader handled himself admirably there. Ha.. That was good stuff. Oh yes, I’d follow that man all the way to the Green errr White House. ahnt.

– Lake

The Worst President Ever delivers last State of the Union address

January 29, 2008

As we officially go into the last year of the worst presidency in the short history of this nation, Americans can at least take some solace in the fact that we won’t have to hear this bumbling clown mangle the English language while he simultaneously mangles all relevant facts in this particular forum.


Dubyah, gave his last State of the Union address and all I can say is good riddance. The more things I can check off to usher his simple arse out the door, the better. Is it just me or does it still make you cringe to see that guy walk through the door when that old dude says “I present to you the President of the United States.” Jeez. It will be nice to have a shred of respect for the President again once this dude finally goes away. Like really, I don’t agree with Republicans generally, I think Mitt is plastic, Huck is crazy and McCain is sold, but at very least I can respect them on the most basic fundamental level.


If this thing were about aptitude and merit, Bush would be washing lettuce at Popeye’s Chicken in Downtown Waco, Texas right now. And you idiots elected him twice.


Take a bow.

– Lake


I know the Bush Presidency took place over the course of 8 years and everyone ages in office, but Bush looks like he caught an ass whoopin’ on top of everything.  Peep this:

Bush in 1999 after winning the Presidency:


Bush last week:


DAMN!  I see him starting to rock his “Democrat Blue” ties as he slides into lame duck territory too…


Hey Roger, we know you did it, just admit it

December 23, 2007

Ole Rog released a “personal” youtube denial today. It’s so “from the heart,” folksy and completely unscripted, peep it:

Don’t you love the edit job they did? And that wasn’t scripted or anything, sheyut, who am I kidding. The only thing missing from that joint was a teleprompter and an unemployed writer’s union vagabond feeding the Rocket Mayne his lines. This is so hilarious. “I’ll sit down with Mike Wallace and-“… Nilla, what are you talking about? Don’t talk about going on 60 minutes like that’s the gold standard for “coming clean” and being “transparent” about your bullshit. Your fellow Texan Dubyah has been on 60 Minutes numerous times and he’s probably the most insincere cat in the entire free world. Sitting down with Mike Wallace isn’t macho, it’s Bush league. It’s one step above Larry Shoulder Blades King’s dog and pony show. If you want to take this head-on, call a press conference and take all comers with all their questions.


Rog, I’m going to hip you to a little secret, WE ALL KNOW YOU DID ‘ROIDS. Everyone has always known it. First, look at the size of your dome. Sure you played for the Evil Empire, but that doesn’t mean you need to look like Lord Helmet from Spaceballs, ok?


And unless you’ve got a time machine that none of us know about, we all can safely assume that the aging process hasn’t up and decided to run in reverse for you and you alone. You’re the only pitcher who actually got Better, Bigger, Fasterrr, Strongerrrrrrrrrr as you aged AND your boy Andy P. admitted that he juiced. We know you did it, just admit it. Hell, even Curt Schilling expressed doubt about whether you did it…well, Curt is almost as much as an asshole as you are, so I’ll actually put that in the “one for Roger” column, because anything that cat says can’t be taken too seriously, after all, he did hit his own sock with that ketchup back in ’04.


It will be alright if you just admit it. I mean, come on, this is such a joke.


Rocket maaaaaaaan, just come clean. Relax, you’ll still get into the Hall. You’re a white folk hero right along side Brett Favre, Larry Bird, Ronald Reagan and Elvis. None of you guys can do any wrong in the eyes of most of these slugs out here. Just admit it, move on and it will be all good. Doing what you’re doing now, you’re just making it worse for yourself. Hey Rog, I must ax you do you still:


Now that you came out with this definitive denial, you’re just going to give the story legs. Now you’ll have cats out there, both credible and suspect, looking for a piece of you for a little fame. And truth be told, even a bullshit corroboration of what everyone already believes would fry your ‘Roid ragin, spazzin’ ass. Why are you doing this? Why don’t you ask Mike Piazza if he thinks you were on the Juice when you threw that bat at him.


– Lake

Oops he did it again: Worst President EVER!

December 5, 2007

Is anyone shocked that Dubyah with his “Git er dun” approach to foriegn policy and intelligence gathering, would get yet ANOTHER claim of weapons capability wrong?


I mean, honestly, would you trust this cat to run your summer lemonade stand? But yet yall voted for the fool…TWICE. At any rate, add this to his list of blunders that have made the United States look ridiculous and yes, if you’re scoring at home Iran continues to get over on the US. I mean, who do they have running that ship over there, Jim Tressel?

Meanwhile, what is this, like the 3rd or 4th time the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, got the best of good ole W? Nice work, now he’s claiming victory over the US. People keep saying he’s crazy, he aint crazy, he just knows who he’s dealing with.


Now you see why our so called sworn enemy is walking around NYC, running some smack at Columbia, trying to go see ground zero for a photo op, and continuously rocking that wild members only inspired jacket piece with that cheschire cat grin on his face.


As always, great work by W, his band of flunkies and the entire GOP membership that let them all get away with it.

– Lake