Kim Kardashian Dancing With The Stars Break


You’d think that at this point, we’d be getting tired of Kim Kardashian’s ass drapped into some new gear.

But you’d be very wrong.  Dude, maybe it’s just me, but that hook never gets tired.  I mean, in a dress, filling some jeans, up high in some short shorts or down low in some drawls.  I’m sorry ladies, I know she’s a near guarandamnteed gel/silicone abuser.  I know she’s got almost zero personality and I even know that her skills in the sack don’t begin to cash those checks that her ass has been writing.

But it still doesn’t matter.  Angle three please.

I don’t know about that shot.  I mean, really.  Are yall seeing this?  Unbelievable and I don’t know if it’s the best thing ever or the worst.  But those rims look fresh to death.  Anyway, I’m waiting like a mufucker for this season of Dancing With The Stars and it aint because of Warren Sapp, ok?

Well, that’s a lie.  I do want to laugh at Warren, but Kim K in some “buck-ed naked” spandex, slimming down while that tail piece gets fitter, faster, strongerrrrrrrrrrr.

Sheeeeeit.  Even Clay knows that’s the truth.

– Lake


10 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Dancing With The Stars Break”

  1. Will Says:

    At least we agree on something! ha

  2. otis Says:

    yes sir that is a nice bum right there. i just dont think she would be that cool to kick it with bt id beat maybe haha

  3. Dani22 Says:

    I have a feeling Kim is going to be a big klutz on the dance floor. I wouldn’t count on her winning, that’s for sure. Maybe that huge rear will finally deflate a little with some cardio (dancing).

  4. Royal Says:

    Another picture of Kimmy K.
    …Royal just went from 6 to Noon…
    She stays winning.

  5. Stizzo Says:

    Wow they take pictures of her while she’s getting her dry cleaning? Damn, she’s not THAT special…

  6. KIR in NV Says:

    I need a wide angle on those rims cuz they look fly.

    Kim who? The only reason I even check out her pics is because there’s always an outside chance I might get to peep her man, Reggie Bush. I’d love to throw that KIR blitz at him. Might force a turnover. Sorry Kim, but with that subpar passer rating Lake called you out on, you can’t blame Reggie for fielding offers from other teams. Don’t take it personally: it’s just business.

    Seriously though, those rims are tight.

  7. mfntrev Says:

    ok. lets call it like it is. truth be told shes just some mid level white joint with a nice turd cutter. shes nice to look at, but in the sack? she straight failed. come on man. id give that up to get with paris hilton’s no ass having self. cause i saw that video and yeah. she acted dirty.


    OOOOOH can she please tell me where I can get the hook up on that ass gellin.. lol

  9. amarosa Says:

    LOL I need it

  10. Chris Rock on Larry King « MRod says: Says:

    […] let [Palin] talk for more than 4 minutes you actually start feeling sorry for her. It’s Like Kim Kardashian on Dancing with the Stars, all that ass and can’t shake […]

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