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Big Brother 8: Evel Dick…for real

August 13, 2007

This cat Evel Dick is just that, an evil dick. I mean, on the rizzeal, dude needs a stiff ass kicking.


And what makes matters worse than anything with this dude is that the ‘house guests’ have essentially been forced to deal with this dude’s sh*t since they ‘stood up to him’ last week in keeping Eric because Dick has brought the drama to them!

(look how this chick just takes this from him and nobody even says anything, crazy)

Why does anyone let Dick push them around? What is it that makes them scared of this dude? First off, you’re not allowed to fight in the house, so if you get up in his sh*t, he can’t say anything and won’t. Second, Dick is a certified loser. Homey looks like a degenerate, he’s a rocker who doesn’t rock, isn’t famous (though he’s a groupie errr hangs with them) and doesn’t have sh*t.. He’s a bar manager for goodness sake. I mean, a profession is a profession and lord knows we need bar managers, but Dick walks around like he’s the head of state or something. Like he isn’t a low life who had to come on a reality show to get back with his kid (don’t like her either, but more on her later).


I mean, how can these people allow some soon to be geriatric run them like that? The only cat who half way stands up to him is Dustin, the softest cat in the entire house? I mean, Dick really gets away with murder in that house, cats should have long since put him in his place…oh and his daughter, Danielle is f*cking terrible. All that whining and nonsense for Nick.

Damn chick, Nick aint even your man! You’ve got a face that’s a cross between the grinch that stole Christmas, Michelle aka the ugly member of Destiny’s child and worse of all, Evel Dick!!!!


Now take down those fake breasts about two sizes, eat something..anything, unbleach that horrible rat’s nest and put some noxema on that plastic face piece. You’re skin looks like Joan River’s after a martini bender. You are too young to look like that.

And can we stop with all this ridiculous religious freakery by the way?


It’s crazy how Jameka is invoking God’s name, defending his honor as she’s cursing at Evel Dack, talking about his “mama” and such, then launching into some David Koresh inspired chant, trance, rocking chair bullshit… the only thing worse than Jameka’s bootleg cult behavior is Amber’s “church of the tweekers” brand of faith.

(dude, this was ill, especially that “tweaker” (meth addicts) line from Dick about Amber and her daughter, yikes)

I am glad Dick called them out in principle, but dude, all this is just too much. Dick is a dack. Amber is just damn annoying, and crazy as all hell… Now I see why she cries a lot, chick has been through some sh*t… And Jameka, I mean, why is she so damn crazy? And I can’t be the only one who is uncomfortable with her brand of worship. It’s really weird.. really scary and please, take off the coochie cutters and tuck the titties in before you start preaching.. I mean, I love the tail and enjoy the mammaries, but I can’t sit back and enjoy the only ‘righteous’ thing you have to offer me in this world with all that babbling lip!!!

Big Brother 8: Appreciation for thick Jameka

August 10, 2007

Ummm, not sure if anyone noticed, but Jameka from Big Brother 8 is thick as all hell and just keeps getting better looking to me with each show.

I can’t tell if I’m just tricking myself, though. No question, the presence of that extra thick tail-piece (though I’d like a verifying pic with a better angle) and those serious breast-ta-sis are definitely on point, but the face is what keeps going in and out on me like “the New AT&T”.


Sometimes she looks ok, but other times she looks great.. Now, I have no verifying pictures of her arse, but I watch the show faithfully and believe you me, it’s all there. It’s crazy that she’s also like some kind of religious freak, wildly praying and such, but she’s doing it with half her arse coming out of some shawt shawts or some wild skirt and ALWAYS with the chest piece hanging free. Then again, I guess that’s how it was intended (by Lake at least)

I guess she was right when she said “God is so gangsta” otherwise, why would he allow her titties to be splashed all over the tv while “His” message is being told (along with that wild gospel music they use to clown her).

Jameka may be crazy, but I do enjoy the show, in part, because of her. Clearly I could do without the over the top Jesus freakery, but what can you do?

Evel Dick is a terrible cat, but good for the show. I just wish someone in that house had a pair of nuts, I’d be damned if that clown talked to me all wild as he often does. Decent show, but we need Dr. Will and Mike Boogie back in the mix, truth be told.


– Lake