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Grammys aftermath: Airbrushers take the wheel

February 12, 2008

I know I’m late to this, but this is just too fucking terrible NOT to post, late or not. What happened to our R&B icons?


Intern, unleash her!


Jeez, maybe we can get Justice to open up a case against Aretha… I caint think of it now, but she’s gotta be breaking some public ordinance in this shot… Jesus, please, just come back right now and help this woman…. Or at least can we get a CGI cat to digitally slim her down a lil bit, maybe just through the neck?  Goodness.  Oh but she waddent the only Grammys disaster. Oh no, R&B gave you a classic industry icon turned fashion debacle and counterbalanced it off with someone I thought couldn’t even make herself look uglier.


Yep, Celie was at it again:


Oh damn…


Young child at home, check. No biologically linked man at home with that child, check. Tittay Tat, check. Lack of properly applied make-up, check. When keepin’ it real with a hair cut went fucking WMD, Dubyah Bush sleeping at the wheel, worst Pres-o-dent ever level wrong CHIZECK!! Uncomfortable foreign object in her left hand, check. Garbage ass knock off bag with the alleged in style animal print bottom…Ok, even though I don’t respect it, we’ll put that in the win column for this chick, she needs it. Damn, Fantasia.  We need to call the airbrushers in on you, too.  First thing they need to do is clean up that grille, color in that dome piece and fill out that wild wig.  Again, whoever told you ladies that the fade was the hot look for the spring was just trying to clear yall out to make their hair look good.  There’s nothing good about this cut.  Not in theory, execution or even it’s evolution.  It’s just all bad.

Damn Fanny, I liked it better when you did that up and down bop and yelled “come on” before every verse back in your American Idol days. This shit is just unacceptable kid. In the words of that hot ghetto mess site, you’ve just gotta do better.

– Lake

In case you missed it: Kanye at the Grammys

February 12, 2008

I must say, even for over the top Kanye, this performance was pretty hot. But like many things there is a ying and yang effect. So I give you Kanye at his very best:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Followed closely by Kanye at his all too familiar, semi crazy ass worst.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

That joint reminded me of the Eddie Murphy joke about Stevie Wonder’s long ass acceptance speeches, I must agree: “Just take the mufuckin award and get the fuck out.” Too much man. Still gotta give respek to ‘Ye though.

– Lake