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Lil Wayne ON FIRE at the VMAs

September 11, 2007

I’m not a big Fall Out Boy fan, in fact, I couldn’t name a single song of theirs if my life depended on it.


At least I couldn’t until yesterday. But now I feel like this song, “This Aint a Scene, it’s an Arms Race Remix“, is straight firah!!!! The live version of this song is a punk rock joint featuring Lil Wayne, Tyga and some cat who looks like the grimy love child of that crazy ass Billy Walsh from Entourage and Joakim Noah. No question, this cat:


Billy Walsh (the crazy director from Entourage)

PLUS a wild Joakim….


DEFINITELY gives you this wild cat:


…who “I’ve just been told” is some clown named “Travis” from the “Gym Class Heroes” which I will admit is a hot name for a band, but it goes without saying that I’m not impressed. Moreover, Weezy torched this cat.. I mean, really ripped it after his flow. WOW.

Sorry, but I must digress here…Just back to wild Joakim Noah..when I was looking for a picture of this cat, I unearthed this clip, something I had forgotten. But really doe, who could ever forget his act after that first National Championship:

I mean, I thought for a second that joint was sped up. That was not on fast forward, that cat really did all that in real-time speed.. Yo, run that joint back again.. It’s crazy!


Yo, this cat has some wild “teef” like an overworked vampire for hire with no dental plan or labor union in site. Isn’t his pops rich and famous? Go get yo’ shit fixed son!!!

At any rate, I saw a piece of that”This aint a Scene” joint on one of the breaks during the MTV VMAs last night and didn’t give it much thought. Again, the best music that night was all as they went to commercial break (which just shows how out of touch MTV is at this point, but whatev), but then a loyal reader in Boston sent me the hot clip. Anyway, if you love Weezy and can find it in your heart to enjoy a decent blend of rock/rap when the occasion calls for it, then this is right up your alley..

Let me attempt to post what I could draw from Weezy’s flow, I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s delivery.. But I love this sh*t:

I am your arms dealer
I’m more like an arm dealer
Really I don’t get this song neither
But I’m gonna figure it out like a palm reader
And since I be on tv
I turn it on to see me
I’m so cool even I wanna be me
But that was totally off the subject
But really who cares when you’re fresh like Dougie
Real long hair
Real long money
And I don’t even care because I’m strapped like a Mummy
Got the (w)rap like a Mummy
Never dress bummy
Paper just stacked, like a stat, like a tummy (ohhh)
You cross my line then you’re flat like a tummy
On the exercise, I don’t know I never tried it
I’m your Highness
Wayne’s world
I’m a fall out boy
Need a stand up girl

Weezy really is a rock star. Even in a room full of real rock cats he stole the show. I used to question Weezy’s versatility, but at this point I do believe Weezy can do anything. I mean, this cat should fly out to Italy to do a spot start for Pavarotti, then roll over to Afghanistan to find Bin Laden since obviously The Worst President Ever or as Weezy calls him, “Georgia Bush”, never will, then come back New Orleans to whip up that last batch of Purple Oil/Syzurp for this party I’m having over at TenJune up in NYC on Friday.


And ship that UPS Gold Priority Plus Homey, thanks.

– Lake