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Yao-zers: Mr. Ming is out for the season

February 26, 2008

Damn, after a great 12 or so games down the stretch, Yao is now out for the SEASON with a broken foot!


And yes, I am a bit uncomfortable with this shot and no I won’t be making any KFC jokes any time soon. Guess what Houston, your season is OVA.. Tough. Look at it this way, you can always bring some of the homies up from your D-League squad.


Ok, I admit it.. I have no interest in this story and just posted this because I wanted to use this picture.  And yes, I know that “Mr. Ming” is wrong, blah, blah, blah because his surname is actually Yao, so don’t even put that in the comments.  When will yall figure out, I know cultural differences, I just choose to ignore them for the benefit of my own ignorant bliss.

– Lake, an asshole according to some Duke Lax players who now read UvT (good to have you guys)