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We Found Some Winners In Green Bay

January 22, 2008

The Superbowl is set, with the Team of Destiny, New England Patriots, taking on the barely made the playoffs but rolling since then New York Giants. America’s boy, Brett Favre underthrew a pass in overtime to seal in his loss.  That play may be the one thing that brings him back to the game next season.  If he had a “good” loss in the Superbowl, he may be able to hang ’em up.  But ending his Hall of Fame career on an interception?  I don’t think so.

There was one positive thing that came out of the game, the reinvention of the Superfan.  No one has made a impact on TV like this since the “FSU Cowgirls“.  I present the Packer Bikini Girls.


Unlike our girls down in Florida, these girls made it happen in Sub-zero weather.  That’s how you make yourself famous people.  These young ladies will be airbrushed in Maxim magazine within three months.

At first, I thought it was a quick random attempt to grab publicity.  Here’s my thing.  Isn’t it impossible to get tickets to Lambeau?  None of these girls look like they’ve been on a waiting list for 93 years or however long you have to wait for your season tickets to come up now.  The crazy thing is these ladies have done it before.  Our crack staff of interns were able to turn up a few more photos.


Here is a pic before the “reveal”…I guess they aren’t completely crazy.  Cute?  I’ll let you be your own judge on that.  Right now they are on the high side of average in my book, but willingness to take it off in negative wind chill gives you a few extra swing points.


Look, they are real fans.  They’ve done it at least once before.  They really stepped their game up with the matching tops though.  The FSU cowgirls already have the hat gimmick, and they really went the extra mile with their outfits, so these chicks may need to go tops and bottoms to carve out their niche.  TV coverage in the NFC title game may have already pushed them over the edge though.  Well played ladies, well played.


Watch Your Back Allison Stokke, Here Comes Jenn Sterger

November 8, 2007

NEW ALLISON STOKKE PICS HERE.  She’s at Cal and looking better than ever.


When I was busy predicting #2 Boston College’s loss to Florida State last weekend I went searching for the kind of motivation they have down there at Florida State. Although I am the Google King and can find any damn thing you want on the Internet I kept coming up with the same chicks.


Here’s the pleasant surprise. The main girl I kept finding is named Jenn Sterger, and the reason she is everywhere is that she made herself famous in about 15 seconds with a nice rack and a cowgirl hat.


I guess she flipped that into her and her girls becoming the FSU cowgirls. Turned it into a whole schtick. Complete with Saturday outfits and cowgirl hats. She wasn’t ready to let her fifteen seconds of fame go yet, so she tried to go legit. Here are some modeling pics:



Nice Body, great J’s, even a little tail piece back there to keep Brock interested. You all know how this story goes. Then Maxim got a hold of her. Like Petey Greene would say, they turned her out just a twang, they twanged it.


Got that girl rocking nothing but a bikini bottom and one of those chain doors from the 70’s. You know Hugh Hefner and Playboy couldn’t lay off on heat like that. Hef was probably looking to add her to the harem is shed dye her hair in line with company policy, so they got a hold of her next. The NSFW pics are here and here. Nice Boots!

Where does she go from here? She started her own website in an attempt to stay legit. I sure hope it works out, otherwise a cat like Lake might get a hold of her and she’ll end up featured in his sex tape articles.

Quick Question on Lake’s sex tape articles…If Lake never watches ’em, how does he find em? Riddle me that.