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Hurricane Flossie?!?!

August 14, 2007


There is a hurricane bearing down on Hawaii right now, certainly a potentially serious matter.  Here is my question though, who at the national weather service came up with “Flossie” as the next name on the list?  Seriously, have there been so many hurricanes that they ran out of names? 

Flossie is a stupid little cartoon that encourages kids to have good oral hygene, not a category 2 storm.


I mean when was the last time someone named their kid “Flossie”?  1942?  What are the next storms on the list?  Gertrude and Hiram?  When you type “Flossie” into Google, you get this lady.  For real though, I hope the hurricane doesn’t do much damage, can you imagine having to tell people that you got your ass kicked by Flossie back in 2007?  That is the worst name since the Pittsburgh Steelers hit us with Steely McBeam last week.

Plus, to a brother Flossy means something completely different.  In fact, I’m sure Hurricane Chris of Ay Bay Bay fame thinks he’s Flossy.  Hell, Hurricane Chris would have been a better name.  Hurricane dance would be better.  Anything would be better than Flossie.