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Keith Olbermann Rightly Calls Out Ferraro (and Hillary) For Racism

March 13, 2008

Keith it better than I ever could. Watch it:

Let me tell you right now, I am a New Yorker. I am a lifelong Democrat. I am damn near a GOP hater. I have supported Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill from jump. One more slight like this, one more comment, one more mysterious Barack in Muslim errr African garb picture and I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton if she turns out to be the Democratic Candidate! Moreover, I will campaign against her.


Oh yeah, Fuck Geraldine Ferraro!

– Lake

Defiant Ferraro Steps Down From Clinton Camp

March 13, 2008

That self described TOKEN of the 1984 Presidential Campaign (no wonder they lost) Geraldine Ferraro finally stepped down from Finance Committee of Hillary Clinton’s campaign today amid controversy surrounding her statement that Barack Obama wouldn’t be in the position he was today if he were a white man or a white woman.


You might think that after the firestorm she learned the error in her thinking or at very least, to shut the hell up, but the old bat continues to talk all kinds of shit.


Peep her latest parting shot after her announcement that she’s going to hit the fucking bricks:

“Any time anybody does anything that in any way pulls this campaign down and says let’s address reality and the problems we’re facing in this world, you’re accused of being racist, so you have to shut up. Racism works in two different directions. I really think they’re attacking me because I’m white. How’s that?”

How’s that? I’ll tell you how that is. You’re a fucking idiot. That’s how that is. Really, anytime someone raises legitimate issues about Obama’s fitness to be the Party’s nominee, ANYTIME that happens (?), which is like, what, EVERY SINGLE DAY, that person is accused of racism?


I see. I guess that’s the whole Obama campaign strategy, since that “hollering racism trick” is so effective with 70% of the electorate. Riight, that makes perfect sense. Not only has Obama received more delegates, won more states and garned the overall popular vote to date, but he did it all because he’s a black man AND because of his highly sophisticated “accuse everyone of racism” strategy. Perfect reasoning from Mrs. Ferraro.


If your comments weren’t stupid, WRONG and racist, then why didn’t Hillary support what you said? Why hasn’t ANYONE supported what you said? Why is EVERYONE, black, white, brown and yellow criticizing your punk ass for your silly comments?


Geraldine, I know you think your stupid ass analogy about your lack of fitness as a Vice Presidential candidate gives you a free pass to opine on why Barack is where he is, but you’re just wrong. Again, just because you were an unqualified hack that made a good life out of a less than impressive resume, that doesn’t mean that an Ivy League educated, political super nova like Obama is afflicted with the same stench that kept your under qualified tail out of office.

Geraldine, I’ve listened to Obama speak, Obama was a friend of mine, Geraldine, YOU’RE NO OBAMA!!!


Hell, you’re no George Herbert Walker Bush, which is why he and ole Ronny Reagan cleaned your clock back in 1984. Is this what the Democratic Party is really about? Shit, I feel like Scarface sitting at the dinner table… “Is dis what it’s all about meng?”


I mean, maybe my boy Greg in VA (aka DHater for those of you who are up on the comments), a cat who I can’t believe is still a Black Republican after all this shit that’s gone on over the past 7 years, is right. Maybe these GOP cats and Democratic cats are all the same. As soon as these cats want to beat Obama, they resort to the same old trick. They insert race into the equation, which they know is a lose-lose a cat like Barack who is trying to avoid the fallout associated with his race and then accuse Obama of being racist toward them!!!!


How crazy is that? Obama rolls with a message of hope and change, they come out talking about how he wouldn’t be where he is but for his race, as if being black has been such a benefit in American society, and now he’s the one being racist? Riiight, the Obama campaign is attacking you because you’re white Geraldine. Exactly, because as white people in America, all we do is get wrongly persecuted because of our race!!!

I know, I know, Hillary didn’t ask you to step down, you just refused to allow the Obama campaign, with all their vicious and unwarranted race-based attacks on white people, to distract the voters from the core issues. Riiiight, this is all THEIR fault, not YOURS.


Get to steppin, chick!

– Lake

Geraldine Ferraro needs to sit her punk ass DOWN!!!

March 12, 2008

Geraldine Ferraro has decided to open up her crusty mouth with regard to Barack Obama’s candidacy for President by saying this:

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position. And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”


She then followed her bullshit up by saying that she wouldn’t have been on the Democratic ticket in ’84 if she hadn’t been a woman.

Let me just say this, Mrs. Ferraro doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. Let’s just talk Barack v. Ferraro.

1. Barack went to Columbia undergrad and was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review. Geraldine went to Marymount Manhattan College and Fordham Law School.

Advantage Barack.

2. Barack Obama served in the Illinios State Senate and is a current United States Senator. Geraldine Ferraro served in the House of Representatives and lost two bids for the US Senate.

Advantage Barack

3. Barack Obama is the current front-runner for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, Ferraro’s dumb ass got trounced by Reagan and George H. W. Bush in 1984 election as a Vice Presidential candidate. She was riding the coat tails of Walter Mondale. Barack is riding his own stardom.

Advantage Barack.

Geraldine, face facts. Barack Obama is better than you in every aspect of public life and qualification to this point as we all wait for your to kick. He’s smarter, holds a more significant political office than you ever did and is having a larger impact on the political process than a worthless, admitted token footnote like you could ever have had. Nobody cares what you think, but if you’re going to open up your irrelevant trap, at least be accurate. Barack is in this station of life because he’s far more charismatic, inspirational, intelligent and thoughtful than a hack like you. Your attempt to paint everyone who has criticized your ridiculous commentary as “the real racists” is a complete joke. We all know what you were insinuating, so don’t try to double back and act like everyone is taking your comments out of context. You’re saying that he’s a token instead of a substantive agent of change. Your saying that he doesn’t deserve all the attention he’s getting and wouldn’t get it if he wasn’t black. That he’s just another dude if he were white, hell, you said so. Damn, if it’s so much easier to be black in America, what do you think a mental midget like Dubyah would get if he were black?


Oh yeah, they’d probably make him King of America or something, right? I know, I know, tokens get a free pass and that you should know because you’re the queen of all tokens and this has nothing to do with your support for Hillary Clinton either.


Riiight and she got into her position based on what, all her qualifications as first lady? Siddown and shut up! Maaaan, I used to be a solid Hillary Clinton guy. I just like Barack better for this job. But let these Hillary supporters continue with their bullshit. I’m one comment away from taking the gloves off on these muthafuckers….switching to the dark side.

– Lake