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Jimmy Kimmel responds to Sarah Silverman

February 26, 2008

I’m sure you all saw the hilarious “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” skit Sarah Silverman did for her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel. Well, Jimmy went ahead and dropped his response the other night after the Oscars. I generally don’t find Jimmy all that funny, though that unnecessary censorship thing he does is pretty good, but this is solidly funny. Enjoy.

Remember when Chris Rock dissed the shit out of Jimmy for being unfunny after he got his own late night show? Tough.

– Lake

This Is What You Get When Your Girlfriend is a Comedian

February 4, 2008

Sarah Silverman made an announcement on her boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel’s show last week.

Matt Damon rocking the rodeo move in the “hip hop breakdown” is hilarious.Is Sarah Silverman hot?


Yes? A little J, a little thigh, stomach seems tight although I always assume the Maxim magicians are at work.


No? Something in there ain’t quite right.

I think she gets bonus points because I believe she is a huge freak.


Yeah, she gets bonus points for that. An extra bonus point for that tail piece tucking in on the bottom too.