Man Up Monday: Superdelegates


It’s time.

By Tuesday, when Montana and South Dakota get the job done, the people will have spoken.  It is time for our elected and former leaders to jump off the fence and lead.  Even Puerto Rico already has their vote in, and they don’t even get to vote in November.

By all accounts, Barack Obama will be within about 30 votes of the new finish line by Tuesday night.  That means that about 20 percent of the remaining superdelegates have to go Obama’s way to clinch the win.  Of course, if you listen to Hillary, that isn’t the way you are supposed to win.

HIllary is winning if you fully count Michigan and Florida, don’t give Obama any of the uncommitted votes from Michigan, don’t count the caucuses (including the all important Iowa caucus), add the people who voted for American Idol, light some votive candles, and rewind the calendar back to January when she actually had a lead for a few days.  So take that!

So here is your time superdelegates.  Man up!  Hell, I won’t even hold you to Monday, you can have until Thursday to get it done.  Thanks.


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6 Responses to “Man Up Monday: Superdelegates”

  1. Will Says:

    What IS IT about: women, blue-collar hard-working White people, and hispanics that they adore Hillary no matter how twisted she is? I mean….i hate (but dont mind) saying this, but are they not SMART? Do they not GET IT? Hillary is an Eeevil twisted person! She is vindictive and conniving! How much more wicked will she be once she has The Power?

  2. mary Says:

    I am a white woman over 50. I would love to see more women leaders, especially at the top. BUT NOT THIS WOMAN. Too many lies, deceptions, deviousness. So no, I don’t adore Hillary, and never have. Please don’t generalize.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Will Mary makes a fair point, but I can tell you what all these disgruntled pro Hillary to the death even in the face of a clear victory for Obama groups have in common, a crystal clear distaste for black men, even the ones that are a model of dignity and integrity Like BO.

    They just don’t care, because in their minds, Barack winning means they lose. And why do they think that? Because they’re already losers so the only way they can hit back at the people who are taking away their livlihood, you know the immigrants, blacks and “the system” is to vote against a dude who probably would do more to actually help them than any candidate on the list, simply because he’s a black dude.

    And they do it because the GOP and sadly even people like Bill and Hillary who know of these biases pray on the ignant, weak and stupid for their own political gain. These clowns (so called blue collar workers, radical Hill-fem-nazis) have gas through the roof, an inflated dollar that can’t even buy them their beloved Coors Light, no health care, few jobs and soldiers in a absurd elective war and our President cheesing it up on his palatial estate errr homespun ranch but Rev Wright is the problem in America? It’s so funny how people always say America is the best country in the world… Do you really think? I’ve never seen so many ignorant losers vote against their own interests because they allow themselves to be deceived by complete non issues. We’ll continue to get what we deserve, McCain aka Bush 2.0. What a joke.


    What I detest about this whole process is the media’s socio-economical slice and dice of exit polls to try and explain or make sense of the BO-Mania that is sweeping our world and re-shaping our nationalistic pride in a leader. Several elections ago it was about the angry white male … and this election cycle it appears it is about the angry white female. The media and certain polling will have you believe that the election is about the working class white, as if they have the monopoly on being in the working class. How come they never discuss the working class black or hispanic? Why are segregated into one group while our caucasian brothas and sistas get affluent, gender, working class, rural and a few other categories. The brothas get lumped into one category … dare I say it? Nah we are far to advanced but I sure think it from time to time.

    Yet another issue I have is … why are people of some educational distinction being singled out as being somewhat smitten with a charismatic leader like BO. Its as if the uneducated portion of our country somehow know better and are more connected with the issues more than those of us who did attend post secondary education. Now its not like I have anything against those who have not been to college … In fact some of my best friends have not attended college (sounds kind of like a caucasian brotha or sista try to rationalize an opinion that sounds somewhat racist). But the mere fact that educated people are choosing BO must mean we did at least a little comparison shopping and like the brand. And to that point, what is wrong with us loving our Leader, I resent the implication that we cannot revere our Leader ..Just because G-Dub has screwed the pooch so to speak and the only people that love him are Ma and Pa bush.

    It is high time we elected a person that we can believe in, love and revere. A man that can make us want to be our brother’s keeper and help our country become better than it was the day before. I am for Bo and I approve this Blog Response !

  5. Will Says:

    @Mary, all: My generalization of Hillary was actually her own words of who she considers her base. At one point or another she mentioned each demographic BY NAME. I was just reiterating. I could dig up each instant of where I read her words when she named them, but I’m not.

  6. Will Says:

    @ Lake, Rare Blend: Great assessments of this whole unique situation we are dealing with. I think that people overall/regardless of background could find ways get along ok. It’s when politics get involved with their Divide and Conquer tactics, that the polarization becomes so glaring we all take a step back, look, and go ‘hmmm…’

    Rare; I find it extremely difficult to LOVE any person, let alone a politician. I DO however, ADMIRE BO and am somewhat enamored by him simply becuz he is young and charismatic and intelligent. Espec being a Black man, dude is a breath of fresh air. But at the same time I gotta say he is STILL a politician and we must always be careful and watchful of who we are dealing with.

    The POTUS – Thats just too much power to take lightly.

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