Silky Smooth white woman alert: Allison Stokke


NEW ALLISON STOKKE PICS HERE.  She’s at Cal and looking better than ever.

I know we’re really late to this, but I just had to post this pic of silky slim and smooth Allison Stokke.


(that arch is talking to a playa)

We heard that she set some records in the Pac 10 (soft conference by the way) for Pole Vaulting… I guess love is doing her thing at Cal….perhaps, but I just like her look.


Definitely a model for what these babes should and can accomplish with a gym membership, some lettuce and a whole lotta whey protein.


(to quote one of my friends, “looka them thighs“)

You just know Brent Wuchae is somewhere reading U v. T, just pissed the f*ck off that he didn’t get a chance to run errrr workout errr marry this fine mamacita. Oh yes, Mr. Wuchae loves him some Allison Stokke as he does all these young, pretty thangs runnin ’round here.

We’re gonna keep our eye on this lovely…Tasty.

-Lakey the looker


Check out more Stokke pics here in our updated post.

Again, more Stokking the flames, Allison Stokke pics for part 3 here.

15 Responses to “Silky Smooth white woman alert: Allison Stokke”

  1. Carolina Baller Says:

    Yo…..this chick’s wait line and that slim but supple ass piece is talking to a non nuuchk. After a long night of drinkin, leanin wit it and rockin with it, I thought I liiiiiiked the Baaar-arrr tendeeeeer.. but now I love this not so thick white woman from the great state of Cali-fornia, where the trees are green and the Terminator be runnin’ shit… bitches!!!!!

  2. Rosie F Baby, please say the baby Says:

    Yo, she’s not even that cute…ok, she’s ok in the second picture, but I’m not all that impressed.

  3. Dat nicka from Boston Says:

    Rosie, don’t hate playa…. just look at that waist and move slightly north and south. Rosie, get your mind right sistah and call me while you’re at it. 555-Lub-DaHo

  4. mrod Says:

    I can’t seem to dispose of the remnant of my upbringing in the dominant majority’s milieu, and subsequent indoctrination in certain notions including that of the heightened desirability of whiteness and so with that caveat, I have to say that this girl is hot. I think the Times of all places (or maybe unsurprisingly) had an article about her. That said, if she ever moved to New York City, her first apartment will be in Murray Hill.

  5. Brock Hardon Says:

    Damn dude. The dominant majority’s milieu? Subsequent indoctrination? Keep it simple homey…you like white women. We ain’t mad at cha.

  6. Silky Smooth white woman alert II: Allison Stokke « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Smooth white woman alert II: Allison Stokke You all loved the original Allison Stokke post, so now it’s time for that Reeee, reeee, […]

  7. T-Man Says:

    she’s the perfect woman!

  8. johnson Says:

    holy mother of god. she can play polevault with me.

  9. Thick white woman alert: Kimmy K (this is the remix) « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Silky smooth and right. […]

  10. Phil E. Drifter Says:

    I’d Stokke it.

  11. lala Says:

    if she stokkes my pole i could open her vault for her

  12. joe Says:

    now I know why u call it usvsthem – must be feel very segregated when all u can do is whine about ass and bringing back the welfare state.

  13. Lake Arlington Says:

    lol. Ass and the welfare state? I need to hear more from this guy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t funny, but I’d love to unpack Joe’s perspective on life. Let me guess, bullshit college kid at some semi reputable state school who just finished taking the second level Poli Sci class errr who watches Bill O’Reilly everyday. Bring it baby. That’s the way I like it.

    Now, I don’t want to bring back the welfare state. We can just start with disaster relief, literal intelligence at the top and a military that actually takes on conflicts that we can win? Can you deliver that Joe? I know, I know, “limited/efficient government, strict Constitutional construction Jessica Biel’s fat arse and Barry Goldwater”. Believe me, I know your arguments, the ones you probably can’t make yet, better than you do.

  14. Damian Manjarrez Says:

    damn she cute
    fuck all ya
    she beautiful
    call me 831-247-4570

  15. Hot Alison Stokke Says:

    ok, she is smoking hot…i dint think so before but now I understand what all the hype is about!

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