Obama Wins Democratic Party Nomination!!!


Though Hillary Clinton still hasn’t accepted the inevitable, Barack Obama locked up the Democratic Party nomination last night.

The best way to “heal” the party is to simply stop talking about Hillary Clinton. She is wholly irrelevant at this point. So warm up the bus and stop giving me minute by minute updates as to whether she has conceded. She doesn’t need to concede. She’s already lost. Her concession is no longer necessary.

Can you guess what the Republican anti-Barack strategy will be? I can:

1. He’s a Muslim

2. He’s got a crazy anti American Christian Pastor

3. He fathered a black child or gasp, maybe even two

4. He’s too “elite” because he went to Ivy League Schools

5. He’s gay

6. He’s dated and or banged out white women

7. His wife hates America

8. He’s not black enough

9. He’s too black

– Lake

9 Responses to “Obama Wins Democratic Party Nomination!!!”

  1. mr.burkins Says:

    sad but true. though say what you will about Rev. Wright dude was also speaking out against Aparthied South Africa at a time when it wasn’t the cool thing to do.

  2. mr.burkins Says:

    oh yea, besides McCain has a black baby too.

    I think she’s indian. Bush’s peeps slimed him about that in South Carolina in 2000.

  3. Be On It Says:

    Yea Barack! Don’t take too long to celebrate tho, cuz the Republicans are coming, and they’re bringing hell with them.

    I don’t think the he’s not black enough claim will hold too much traction anymore. It kind of died down pretty quickly at the beginning of the nomination process, and didn’t steer black voters away from him. Especially after that whole brush your shoulders off move.

  4. Will Says:

    The Neo-Cons are already digging up:

    * He’s Gay

    * She hates Whites.

    * terrorist attacks

    Since the CIA operates al Queda, I would not be shocked if some “terror” event took place between now and Nov. Would’t be shocked at all.

  5. Triple_B Says:

    Thank god. Finally.

    What we knew months ago is finally official. Hilary please please take my advice on this and let it go. You gotta know how to lose gracefully. Even America’s favorite old fart Bob Dole, Bob Dole, knew when to conede. And is it me or does Hilary find a way to take the most embarrassing photos ever or maybe UvT Just finds the best of the worst.

    Enough Hilary talk, today is about change we need to move on. It’s time for the main event. The Brawl for it All. Obama vs McCain this is tailor made for Us vs Them. The coverage should be spectacular.

    Fighting out of the Them corner. He hails from Phoenix Arizona, by way of the Hanoi Hotel. As a POW he proved that he can go the distance in an amazing 5 1/2 year bout vs the viet-cong. At 112 years old he is the senior citizen senator of Arizona. Ladies and Gentleman the one the ONLY, THE GERIATRIC G.I!!!!! JOHN MCCAAAAAIIIN!

    And now…..fighting out of the Us corner. My man hails from CHI-TOWN! he swept us away like turbulent winds of his hometown. I first met him over a bowl of cereal and a late night Oprah replay. Next he amazed me still when I found him praying forgiveness for the Clinton blood spilt by his campaign in Iowa. He once spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper (not sure if that one true). So without further ado and no more gilding the lilly i give you, the seeker of serenity, the slayer of Hilary, the candidate for Oprah Vice-presideny! The rock and the hard place!!! BEHOLD BARACK OBAMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! obama.

    Let get it on.

    ps i hope it goes just like this

  6. Cuban B Says:

    Barack is going to win. Put it on paper! Be on it, Tombstone references are always appreciated baby doll.

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    Triple B, that Tailor Made v. Buddha pic at the end is CLASSIC.. haaaaaaa I forgot how hype that was. Did you see the dude split open ole boy’s jaw with a head butt, one two punch piece on Tila Tequila? Now that was CRAZY!!!!

  8. KIR in NV Says:

    Isn’t it a bit late for Hillary to “lose gracefully”? Not to pile on, but I think the SS Good Sport sailed months ago and Ms. Clinton was not on board.

    That said, this should be an interesting race to the White House.

  9. DHater Says:

    You forgot a couple:
    10. He’s a Marxist
    11. He’s got a “Urinator Video” out there (You know how dem playas do it in the Chi…)
    12. He doesn’t respect White Women.

    Lake, ya’ll cats are probably ok on 10 and 11 (redistribution is in these days), but 12 is going to be a beast…

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