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HO-LDUP….Wait a Minute!

August 17, 2007

Rutgers player Kia Vaughn has sued Don Imus over his now infamous “nappy headed hoes” comment.


Yeah, hits ya right in the gut, huh Donny boy?  You probably thought it was all good after you settled out with CBS Wednesday. (Code for CBS wanted to give him money anyway, now they got the chance to do it along with a handshake and whispered comments of “we wish it didn’t have to be this way“.)  Now, you’ve got to deal with a slander and defamation lawsuit for the next year or two.

Okay, the young lady didn’t ask for any dollar amount, which means she probably doesn’t have much to go on.  She could have at least sued for $63 Billion like my man who sued Mike Vick from jail.  She is saying that her reputation has been injured, but I didn’t know who the hell she was until I typed her name in this post a few minutes ago.  Now she is the poster child for the nappy headed ho controversy.


You got an uphill battle Kia, but you know Rev. Sharpton, Russell Simmons, and Oprah have got your back.


Report: Imus seeks Afro Sheen and Token Negro for Comeback

July 19, 2007


(I-man, your Fro is lookin a lil dry there homey)

Big shocker, Imus wants to come back! I knew he’d come back and be even more popular than he was before, that is until I heard Imus was reportedly looking for a black sidekick for his new radio program which is said to go into production (production, just turn on the damn mic, aint no production) this September.

Now see, this is a huge mistake. Everyone knows Don’s audience is comprised of your standard issue ignorant, uneducated, downtrodden, blaming everyone for their horrible lives except themselves, low brow, simpleton types, right?


Now how are they going to react when Don brings in a token black man to beat back the haters? They’ll hate it. People don’t realize, but the pejoratively labeled (not by me) “white trash” contingent is stronger and more prevalent in this country than what ordinary civilized Americans would think… after all, how else do you explain Nascar, Country Music, George W. Bush and Natty Light –all products of the ‘git er dun’ crowd.


Don just keep it real and low brow and you’ll be a success. If you rock the Pink Toe Fro, start giving blacks jobs and toning down your little shtick then what will you become? Just another Mike Greenberg, ie. relatively talentless but without Mike Golic and ESPN to cover your inadequacies. Stick to the formula: brazenly ignorant and uninformed. That’s your crowd.