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Becks Keeps It Real

April 18, 2008

Becks has been living it up LA style. Playing soccer, hanging with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, hanging out at the Clippers game.

Yeah, just chillin’, taking it all in. You know, keeping his eyes on the horizon…taking it all in. Stay strong, stay strong…

OHHHHHHH, they caught you Becks. You gotta be smoother than that. Pretend like you’re rubbing your eye, yawn and squint. Even just scan from left to right so you don’t get caught staring. Try something. Hey, I’m a full on Assologist so I sneak a peek every chance I get. Plus I’ve seen this.

Yeah, wifey rocks a strong case of the Negative Arse, so you’ve gotta at least peek at a thick tail when you get the chance. No crime in looking. I’ll tell you this though, I’ve been in floor seats at a basketball game…those NBA cheerleaders are a lot cuter from these seats.

Seriously, let’s take it to Chicago. Here are the Luvabulls from on high…

Sexy, hot, full of potential…

Camera man…come in tight…

Oh hell no.


Becks is here!

July 13, 2007

Today David Beckham arrived in LA and ones of people cheered his name.


Look, we’re actually HUGE soccer fans at U v. T, but even we can’t sign onto this. The L.A. Galaxy? That name doesn’t even sound right. It’s just all terrible. We’re happy that the MLS landed him and we love that the US U-20 team beat Brazil, but this isn’t really going to change ANYTHING. Sawry…