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Oh Hail Naw!

May 23, 2007

I’m not that rock n’ roll dude. I leave that to my man Lake, but I….errrrr…my lady was watching American Idol last night and I saw last seasons favorite (and best seller) Chris Daughtry hit the stage. I mean this man almost (but not quite) made me buy a rock CD and listen to some good old fashioned geee-tar. I expected this:


Reasonable cat, right? Semi-forced baldy (when you have to shave your head because the hair is leaving anyway), kept tight with his musical style, and should have beat this clown. But last night, I get this…


Is that eye shadow with eye liner? Is this cat dead inside? Did he sell his soul to go triple platinum? I mean damn homey…Last year you was the man homey…What the F*ck happened to you?