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Shopping Spree. Anybody need a yacht?

August 23, 2007


Daaaamn Homey. On Live ’96 you were the maaaaan homey! F*ck happened to you?

Latrell Sprewell, I was wondering what happened to you since you involuntarily retired from the league a few years ago. (By the way, it has got to suck to get to the end of a contract and get straight no calls to play when teams will let seasoned veterans smooth out on the bench for at least 2-3 years for their “veteran leadership”, and “mentoring”. See Steve Smith 2004-2006 and Gary Payton until he really does retire) Hell people are even talking about letting 43 year old Reggie Miller come back. (My bad, was that his sister, I never could tell the difference)

Well, now I know. According to ESPN, Spree has been busy not paying for his yacht. Went with that 70-footer, huh Spree? And you parked it on Lake Michigan, outside of freaking Milwaukee? That’s ballin’ right there homey. You know Jay-Z’s personal rental yacht from the Big Pimpin’ video? Yeah, Brazil, San Tropez, even Miami. That is where you get full use out of the seventy-footer. Not on the great lakes where you have to put it away for 7 months out of the year and the only way to get to open water is through New York, or head South down the M-I-Crooked Letter. You would have been better off parking it with my nilla Lake Arlington. At least he has decent ladies that will come around.

Oh wait, that is not the best part. This cat actually named it “Milwaukee’s Best”. That’s right, a $1.5 Million Dollar boat, named after the cheapest beer out there, the Beast. Classy, classy move, Spree. I know, I know, boat names are supposed to be ironic, you know….”Reel Time”, “Sea U Later”, “Seas the Day”, “Lake and Bake”. I get it. How about “Choke-late City”, “Art Of Choke”, hell, the name of this article would have been better.

Somewhere P.J. Carlissimo is laughing…