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The lesser of two Evils: Dick Donato wins Big Brother 8

September 19, 2007

Well, somebody had to win the half million dollars. Thank goodness it wasn’t that whinny gravy trainer Danielle.


It was just hilarious how Danielle got mad at Dick for actually telling it like it was in the house during the finale show. As if he was just going to go ahead and give her money grubbing ass the money for doing not a damn thing.

I especially liked when Amber asked Danielle why she should give her a vote given how she played her boyfriend on national tv with Nick. Danielle hit her with that cocky nonsense about how if she was going to base it on her “personal life” then she didn’t want her vote. haaaa Then she promptly voted for Dick. Nice Danielle. Not only did you try to “play both sides” the entire game with your pop, but you exposed yourself as an untrustworthy scandalous hizzoe… I’m not sure why Nick would want to buy into that, then again, maybe he doesn’t. All I know is that the chances that Nick is hitting Danielle off right now stand at about 97%. Oh well, hoes gotta eat too.


(Danielle Donato in green)

She knew good and well that Dick was the one who orchestrated their dominance in Big Brother 8. She was just along for the ride. In the end, everyone except Jameka and Jen understood that.


You just can’t give it up to Danielle with Dick sitting right there having saved not one, but two people in the house all the while having a bullseye on his back. Dick, you really are a complete asshole and your daughter is no better, but I gotta admit, you earned your money this time. Bravo.

And as my parting shot, I gotta include this video of Jen Johnson topless on a hammock.

Now that’s a thick white woman. Lovely.

Oh what the hell, I might as well post a picture of highly underrated Jessica too.


Let me tell you, America’s player needed America to direct his sentimental ass to bang this chick out while she was still disoriented in the house.


(are you serious?)

Of course he “loves her,” look at the broad. She’s hot as all hell and he’s terrible. And that look on her face after she learned that Eric had a secret that he didn’t share with her in the house… priceless.


He might as well propose to her right now if he ever wants to a chance to get a piece of that tail, something he should have been already bagged before.

– Lake

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Big Brother 8: What wrong with America’s player?

August 29, 2007

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OK, it’s pretty easy to joke Eric aka America’s player on Big Brother 8.


(let’s just start with the people’s eyebrow)

After all, he’s goes out of his way to show you that he’s “just a 5 foot 7 inch Jewish boy” whatever that means… I guess it means something to Amber though, but I’ll leave the anti-semitism out of this post. At any rate, this dude Eric, no matter what you think about his “game play” has a golden opportunity to get at a chick who is waaaaay above his pay grade.


(it’s all about the hip)

Say what you want about Jessica, but she’s got some tools. I’m sure she’s got the bottle blond hair and the enhanced chest piece, but you can’t fake that aerobicized body and easy going personality.. and did I mention that body?


I mean, homey has already told us he’s got no game and I’ve watched him, he’s right. Dude looks like he’s about to giggle and ask for a cookie when he should be getting in there, closing the deal on some nookie. I mean, they’re stuck in a house for goodness sake. It’s got that “if you were the last man on earth” feel to it and he IS the last man and he knows this chick is down. What’s he waiting for? Crazy.

And no that terrible “America’s kiss” does not count, neither did that one kiss he did before that. He’s got to get in there while the getting it good.

– Lake


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